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Thread: E-P1 lens compatibility list?

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    E-P1 lens compatibility list?

    Does anyone know if there's a list out there stating which lenses are compatible and able to AF with the E-P1? I know that Pana has this list for the G1 and GH1.

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    Re: E-P1 lens compatibility list?

    All of the m4/3rds and all of the Oly 4/3rds to my knowledge. I thought it was understood that all of the 4/3rds lenses would AF on the E-P!, though perhaps slowly (the older ones that won't AF on the G1/GH1). That's probably why there is no list--since Olympus wanted all of their lenses to be able to be used. I stand to be corrected, but that's what I've understood.


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    Re: E-P1 lens compatibility list?

    This is what i tested with Panasonic DMW-MA1.
    First Tests:

    Sigma 50 F1.4 works, even slow sometimes but fine focussing
    Zuiko Macro 50, fine
    Zuiko 11-22, yes, yes, yes
    Zuiko 7-14, beautiful...
    Zuiko 40-150 old version,, works
    Zuiko 14-54, fine...

    No one failed. So what ??? Have fun with E-P1 and Zuikos.
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