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Thread: P6 Mount Zeiss Sonnar 180/2.8 on G1

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    P6 Mount Zeiss Sonnar 180/2.8 on G1

    Yesterday I took out this huge Sonnar lens. It is typical a lens to use on a tripod. That works very well actually, you put the lens on the tripod and screw on the camera and you can turn the camera around the lens between landscape and portrait and lock it.
    The colour rendition is very good and I like it. Natural colours and plenty sharp. A joy to work with for this kind of photography.
    The second photo is with the 45-200 Pana lens and the colour is different with that lens. Especially straight out of the camera. A little more artificial, so to speak, although I did sort of the same PP on it. Nothing scientific
    I was going to test more 200 and 180 mm lenses, but there was too much wind. Will do that later and more serious with same apertures etc.
    I am curious to see what the differences will be between for example the Leica APO Telyt, the Zeiss Sonnar, a Vivitar series 1 (Macro!)70-200/3.5 zoom and the kitlens at the same focal lenght.
    Also the 200mm Hexanon, Olympus, Meyer, Vivitar and Kitlens at 200 mm.
    That will be for later.
    With the Sonnar 180/2.8

    With th Pana 45-200

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    Re: P6 Mount Zeiss Sonnar 180/2.8 on G1

    I tried a similar lens, the 180/2.8 in c/y mount. A bit large and heavy on the GH1 but still ok handheld as wide opening allows very fast speed. Very sharp and high contrast lens, but a bit prone to flare and some chromatic abberation.

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