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Thread: Adapting the Adapters

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    Adapting the Adapters

    Some of you may be interested in how I adapt the adapters to use Tamron thread (M42 X 0.75mm TPI). This is the standard for coupling to telescopes for Astro photography and Digiscoping, for which there are hundreds of adapting permutations.

    By taking the centre out of an old T Mount adapter and turning it down to 49.75mm it will be an 'interferance (squeezed in a vice) fit into an RJ C mount adapter. I then turned away the C Mount part and covered the resulting shiny bit with felt tip black.

    This is what you get

    Screw in a 1 1/4" adapter like this

    Now it will drop strait into the eyepiece holder in any Astro Scope or Spotting Scope, I get pictures like this. My Asro Scope has a focal length of 650mm, the 8" mirror gives me f4, the sensor crop makes this 1300mm. This is full frame - not cropped.

    By turning a little 60 grove where the Tamron bit meets the C Mount bit it will also fit my B.P.M. Bellows like this

    Now I can take pics such as these taken with an old Jena 50mm f2.8 lens.

    Minimum magnification

    Close to maximum magnigication

    A simple (cheap) way to cover the extremes of Photography and, with the focus mignification of the G1, focus is easy (even for my failing eyesight).

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    Re: Adapting the Adapters

    Very cool, Chris! One more useful adaptation made possible by the m4/3 format, and an enterprising DIY'er.
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