Hi there,

I have an old Canon T70 that is sitting on a shelf gathering dust so I came up with a nice idea ( or so I think ) : pass the camera around the world ( let's start with Europe ) and everyone takes pictures with it.

I know that few started this project ( with cheaper cameras ! ) and they usually get lost, but I have three good reasons for this one to work :

- every person must be accepted to enter this challenge
- is mandatory that the shipping is with tracking number
- and the most important of all : a good cause - Cancer

In the end, 2 photos per photographer will be selected ( that participated ) and will be created a book ( via blurb ), with 10.00 markup price.

Those 10.00 will be directly donated to the Cancer Society, so all this to have fun and help a good cause.

I created a website , Pass The Canon , go there and see the rules and how to join.

Send me an email ( email AT passthecanon DOT com ) if you want to join - check the website what is needed to send in the email.

Camera will stay with each person for a week and then shipped to another. The only cost you will have is shipping the camera to the next person ( as well the developing of the film you will use with the camera ). The book will be made in the end of the challenge and its purely optional to buy - you can participate in the challenge and NOT buy the book. Its open only to European photographers at the moment - worldwide poses a bit of a problem with customs, lets start with European Countries and see how it goes then open up to the world.

Best regards,

Goncalo Proenca