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Thread: Thunderbolt and Firewire Film Scanners

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    Thunderbolt and Firewire Film Scanners

    Good news - the new Thunderbolt to Firewire adaptor dongle works for the Coolscan 9000 and the Flextight 848, even though I am also using a FW400-800 adaptor as well. The Nikon doesn't care which port it is plugged into; Vuescan can see it. The Flextight only works in the Thunderbolt port nearer the front of the MBP 15" Retina, so presumably this one is better powered than the other.

    Looks like I'll get some more use from these machines!


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    Re: Thunderbolt and Firewire Film Scanners

    That is good news. I just went back to medium format film and am thinking of buying a Coolscan 9000.

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