Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone out there can help diagnose a problem I'm having with my Horseman 6x7cm film back which I'm using on my new Linhof Techno.

I've attached a slice of the left hand edge of a negative displaying what has been showing up on many of my processed negatives. It's obviously some kind of light fogging or perhaps flare? On the negatives it shows up on, it's always in the same place and seems to be the same width. Intensity of the fog / flare varies slightly in different frames but I don't think this has any correlation between intensity or direction of ambient light it was pretty bright out though. It is on the same side as the dark slide opening. The back is used but was fully serviced before it was sent to me (by a reputable dealer.)

I'm wondering if it's possible this isn't a light leak? Maybe flare from inside of the film back? Or if it is fogging, is it most likely it's getting in between the felt light trap of the dark slide? One weird thing is that although the edges of the film are clear, on some negs there is quite a bit of fogging / bleeding (?) extending beyond the edges of the exposed frame. These aren't always edges of extreme overexposed highlights, so I thought it might be a sign of something weird within the back?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.