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Thread: Problem with Canon FTb shutter release

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    Problem with Canon FTb shutter release

    Ive had a Canon FTb for a few years now and it's performed flawlessly....until tonight. The shutter release refuses to work. I depress the shutter release and it will not go all the way down to release the shutter. My first thought was that the camera needs to be wound on. But the winder refuses to budge. And the switch for the shutter release is not in the Lock position. I tried firing the shutter with a cable release and that didn't work. I'm clueless about what could be causing this problem.

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    Re: Problem with Canon FTb shutter release

    Hi tribal-warrior,

    I have had lots of fun with my FTb. I don't use mine it anymore, but I could not part with it.
    Is your camera loaded with film?
    Did you transport all the way to the end of the roll? Then it might help tot press the release button in the bottom plate and then complete the transport cycle. You then should be able to press the shutter release. Good luck.

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