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Thread: Nicca Rangefinder camera lens mount question

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    Nicca Rangefinder camera lens mount question

    I was given a Nicca rangefinder camera with a beautiful Nikkor 5cm 1.4 screw mount lens in addition to a Canon 135mm f3.5 screw mount with viewfinders too. Very nice build quality, much like a Leica M3. My question is, how do I align the lens to mount properly with the camera body to engage the roller for frame lines? There's a groove cut into the brass threads on the lens mount, i'm thinking maybe use this as a reference.

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    Re: Nicca Rangefinder camera lens mount question

    There has been discussion on the "right" way to mount a lens on a LTM camera. I don't know if that's true. I have a Nicca and a CV 35/2.5 LTM lens. I just put the lens on the mount and screw it in until it stops. I've owned many LTM cameras--Leica and Canon. All lenses I've owned mounted and never had a problem with them engaging the rangefinder cam and working. Should be the same for the Nikkor 50/1.4 LTM and your Nicca camera.
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