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Just curious if anyone else has any thoughts on this or maybe alternative cheaper scanners these days?

Lee, a V700 is great for doing your lower res digital contact sheets and with MF scans it is superb. But it lacks an edge with high res 35mm scans. If you can afford two scanners the Plustek 7400 is a terrific device. It is an old model being sold off at low prices (mine was 150), but it is essentially exactly the same as the latest models except it doesn't have IR dust removal (which can't be used with B&W anyway). Plustek scanner models are defined by software, not so much by the innards of the scanner, so older cheaper models bought new are bargains, especially if like many you hate Silverfast software and are prepared to get something better.

So with the very affordable Vuescan software to run both you have an integrated pair of scanners each able to maximise 35mm workflow and MF scanning with the V700, or 35mm high res with the Plustek. It isn't overkill, both are able to produce exhibition quality scans used within their own sweet spots.