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Thread: Scancafe vs. Slideconverter?

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    Scancafe vs. Slideconverter?

    I have some 400ISO 645 negs to scan professionally. The film was pretty old, so I think it contributed to them being very low contrast. Combined with the film speed, the grain is very pronounced, making it hard for me to suck data out with my V500. And of course, Murphy's Law dictates that I finally got some shots worth more than that.

    I'm wondering if Scancafe would be a good option, or would slideconverter be a better option. They are "only" using a V750, but I'm thinking their wetmounting of the slides may do good things for the grain. I'm concerned that a higher-resolution scan from Scancafe may just get me a big scan of grain. I got the impression that wetscanning is a good way to combat grain.


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    Re: Scancafe vs. Slideconverter?

    wetmounting might slightly combat grain on a drumscanner, not sure on a consumer flatbed like the V750 - it'll be so soft anyway.

    The reason wetmounting works so well with drumscanner to reduce grain is that the aperture can be set to be the same size as grain. On a flatbed you don't have that flexibility.

    More importantly, wetmounting assures complete flatness and no newton rings whatsoever. so it's still a really good idea (but more work).

    I don't know what scanner Scansafe uses. A V750 won't be able to extract all information, there will be some softness.

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