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Thread: Coolscan V - problem feeding some film

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    Coolscan V - problem feeding some film

    My Coolscan LS-50 is spitting out certain kind of films, but happily scans others.

    I am feeding strips of 5 or 6 negs into the SA-21 feeder.
    For the last 5 years I have used mostly tri-x, panf and apx100 with no problem.

    Recently I have bought some Arista Legacy Pro (tri-x) and Premium 400 (neopan 400), but on insertion, the coolscan draws it in, and the spits it back out.

    I have googled myself silly for two days, I just can't figure it out.
    Original tri-x, xp2, apx100 still works.

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    Re: Coolscan V - problem feeding some film

    Never mind.
    Problem solved.

    Film base was gray and dark due to a development problem.

    Subsequent Arista films have been fine.

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