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Thread: Still worth it to get an Imacon Flextight Scanner?

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    Still worth it to get an Imacon Flextight Scanner?

    hi all,

    I am sure for many of us scanning film, there are times when we are tempted to get an Imacon Flextight Scanner.

    For me, this itch has come again. Especially since Nikon has discontinued the 9000ED, there is a big gap in scanner range. Nikon software is also not supported by new mac OSX version and also, I am worried if servicing might be a problem.

    I have read Imacon scans are excellent without much post processing. Moreover, their software is still supported by the latest OS and also supported from Hasselblad is still available.

    I would like some opinions from others here on their views whether is it still worth to purchase an X1 or X5 or their older counter part (949 or 848)?

    Please enlighten!!!


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    Re: Still worth it to get an Imacon Flextight Scanner?

    I don't have the answer but I would also like to hear opinions about this. I have a 9000ED that does quite well but I too am concerned about servicing and parts availability in the future. I have never used the Nikon SW so MAC support is not an issue.

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    Re: Still worth it to get an Imacon Flextight Scanner?

    The imacon scanners - especially used in conjunction with the very powerful Flexcolor software still make amazing scans. I have an older Imacon Precision III (the last of the non-firewire scanners) and it runs circles around the Nikon 8000 in actual use. Does it take 15 minutes for each scan? Yes, but I have an Epson flatbed for proofing the negatives to see which ones I want to scan so I only break out the Imacon when making scans for exhibition images. If it's a quick grab for the web (i.e. not an image I'm saying this is one of "MY Photographs" in a professional sense) the Epson does a great/superfast job. I feel like the combo is a good one.

    If I had a 949/X5 I would probably scan everything on that and just have the Epson for scanning my 8x10 negs and proofing the full sheets due to their much faster scan times.

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