Looks like it's going to be a cold winter up here. -27C -40wind chill. I think it's already having an effect on the mentality of some Canadians.

This is Konica Centuria ISO400 colour negative print film (C41 processing) developed as follows:
4 shots of espresso (no don't drink it)
2 tablespoons of Arm & Hammer washing soda (the blue box at Safeway)
water to make 350ml solution

[email protected] minimal agitation (I should have filtered the espresso)

50ml 12-0-0 Plant Fertilizer
water to make 500ml solution

FWIW here is a Nikon LS4000 scan at full res at 4000dpi of 650x528 pixels.

This is VERY serious investigation, as a matter of fact, any Canadian pros out there know Revenue Canada only allows a 50% deduction on meals, but your film chemistry gets to be expensed 100%. See where I'm going here? You don't actually drink coffee at your office do you? What's that really expensive coffee bean that goes thru the digestive system of a monkey first, ahem, perhaps the coffee could be ingested (by humans) first to become the world's most expensive & exclusive film developer? My new chain Dunkin' Chrome, we pay you to drink our coffee as long as you use our washrooms before you go. Who said film technology is dead, we're just getting started.

robert http://neelin.ca
I think I want my money back, it says COLOUR film on the package. C41. "C" means coffee, right?
Note to self: next time don't drink the spent developer