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  1. Fuji Repair
  2. Tether tools Air Direct - solution for wifi woes?
  3. ALPA Polaroid back
  4. Tripod question
  5. Steven Friedman talk at Phase One Stand Out Event Vancouver, October 29 2019
  6. Photo Plus Expo NYC Info and Events
  7. Focus shift with 40mm, 60mm + 90mm, and how to compensate for it
  8. Help with ICC Profiles for IQ3 100 please!
  9. Help getting into technical cameras
  10. How about some portraits
  11. Arca-Swiss - PhotoPlus Expo
  12. Front and rear standards parallelism in the field with the Actus
  13. ALPA GON tripod head vs AS C1
  14. Focus stacking with tech cam.
  15. Auto ISO on Phase One XF
  16. Gitzo Tripod Feet
  17. Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!
  18. Ther versatility or PITA of a Medium Format Camera as a travel camera
  19. New scam
  20. One shot cable for CCD back
  21. Capture One PRO 20 news
  22. Sliding back adapter to Sinar help
  23. Phase One P30+ Digital back to work with Fuji GX680
  24. Survey of cleaning techniques for IQ4150
  25. Cambo Actus, thoughts, experience, or regrets
  26. Visible Dust large loupe
  27. Look for Pentax 67 to Hasselblad V Adapter
  28. Mark II Artist Viewfinder Pro Update
  29. Shooting the Phase 4150 at F9
  30. best 35mm shift option : Pentax 645 HD DFA VS Contax 35 PC distagon for GFX 50r?
  31. Cloud Image Storage/Display Options
  32. How to remember shift values
  33. Cambo Actus + Canon EF Lenses (TS to be precise)
  34. Tethering my H5D40 to a MacBook Pro
  35. IQ150 vs IQ250 ?
  36. X1D Using HC Lenses Will Allow Auto Focusing
  37. Cambo Actus DB2-IQ3100-Studio (Product Photography)
  38. Pentax 645 600mm f/5.6 or Pentax 67 600mm f/4
  39. Arca-Swiss M-Two DSLR maximum weight support
  40. Schneider-Kreuznach Apo-Digitar 80mm f/4 for copy work?
  41. Hasselblad XCD 45 Vs 65 for 1/2 and 3/4 Portraits
  42. How do the IQ CMOS backs stand up in a studio?
  43. Recelling old Hasselblad Battery Grips, 2019 Update
  44. Phase One IQ3 Remote Release
  45. Northern Thailand with H6D100c
  46. Problems connecting X1D2 with Phocus ?!
  47. Quick example of Frame Averaging on IQ4
  48. Rodenstock repair
  49. Large eye cup for Fuji GFX 50 R?
  50. Profoto A1 with Phase One XF
  51. Medium Format Workshop - Intermediate to Advanced
  52. Medium format slides to digital
  53. Carl Zeiss Tele-Tessar 500mm f/5.6 for Pentax 645Z
  54. Cambo Wide vs Cambo Wide DS
  55. Rodenstock Aperture Only Mount
  56. Which DB has worse color shift - Leaf Credo 40 or Phase One IQ3 50?
  57. Schneider 35 XL Digitar - Lens Correction in C1v12
  58. Getting a 120 macro set up for product work
  59. Phase One IQ3 100 with Hasselblad H4d-40 Question
  60. need tips with thumbnails!
  61. May 3rd 2018 last firmware release for H6D-100c
  62. Smallrig L Problem : tethering the Fuji GFX 50r and securing the cable with the L
  63. Question on Hasselblad X1D ll
  64. Jack Tait SuperWide Camera
  65. New Phase One Accessories from DT
  66. Phase One file management workflow recommendations help please
  67. Capture One 20
  68. TechArt EF to GFX Adapter with GFX 100
  69. capture one 20 arrow keys don't work anymore
  70. Hasselblad Phocus Mobile 2.0
  71. Arca Swiss Flip Lock problems
  72. Christmas Portraits?
  73. Pointing the GFX 100 straight downward with the 120mm macro
  74. Recommend Hasselblad X1D ll Rear LCD Protector
  75. Phase / Leaf mount or sensor misalignment?
  76. Kodak Announces MF Ektachrome 100 in 120 Format!!!
  77. XT-HR 32mm. CF question.
  78. MBP 16" Catalina with Capture One and IQ4150
  79. Phase One XT
  80. Leica Soo7 firmware
  81. MediumFormat online resources
  82. Newbie Tech Questions
  83. Wrote a posting about HSS compared to leaf shutters...
  84. Consistent Strobe Sync with ES on Tech Cam with IQ4150
  85. 240GB XQD with 256 SD card
  86. Stitching panoramas with Cambo WRS cameras
  87. View Camera for Studio Thoughts
  88. Sails Chong rips Hasselblad a new one '
  89. It is Christmas time!
  90. Merry Christmas
  91. Deleted
  92. Last picture taken with my H6D100c before selling it to a nice gentleman from SA
  93. Question about Tilt Shift vs Sensor Shift
  94. Photo Walk with Alpa in London
  95. Help iq4150 firmware update issue.
  96. Happy New Year 2020!!!
  97. Arca Swiss 75
  98. Dedicated Tethering with older Macbook Pro
  99. Backpack help please
  100. Abandoning hope...Looking into a *cheap* MF rig
  101. Any Fix for Tethering in 10.15.2?
  102. Arca-Swiss Quick-Link
  103. Annotation App and Phase One shift metadata
  104. Back AND Adaptor cap, such a think for Linhof plate?
  105. Message from Dante
  106. Problem HY6 + Leaf Aptus-II 12 digital back
  107. Help with arithmetic!
  108. Arca Swiss Cube Issues
  109. Help with minimum size tripod need please
  110. Rollei HY6 Camera (firmware V 3.10)+Leaf aptus II-12 HY6 mount digital back= Digital
  111. Help me choose a digital back for a tech cam
  112. X1D with HC Lenses
  113. UV filter for 32mm and 23mm Rodentock
  114. Phase One waist level case
  115. Steven Friedman Phase One Artist Talk and California Coastal Shoot in San Francisco
  116. Hasselblad claims its new XCD 45mm is world’s smallest and lightest AF medium format
  117. Phase One camera porn ... literally!
  118. White Sands article has some Phase P45+ images besides Leica images
  119. Questions on the new sensors quality
  120. RZ67II(non D) and DM33 - any experiences, tips, etc?
  121. tethering hasselblad
  122. Fuji GFX shift lens... not in the road map again... ( 30 & 80 non pc only...)
  123. Anyone seeing any good deals on the X1D II plus Lenses
  124. OK to ask for pricing/value advice here? Hasselblad 503CW+CFV16
  125. Custom built Digital Panoramic camera setup.
  126. Capture One Pro Advanced Training - UK
  127. Hasselblad fixed lens achromatic
  128. Lens Combo Tech Cam
  129. Faint white lines in shadow areas
  130. Replace IR Cut Glass in Leaf Aptus-II
  131. Laowa 17mm GF
  132. GODOX hot shoe flash and X1D II
  133. Fuji GFX 50mm lens at half price
  134. GFX-50R + Metabones Speedbooster + Hassy V lens
  135. Fuji G 50/1.0
  136. Hasselblad H lenses and IR/UV performance?
  137. Technical Camera and Lens Sales
  138. RZ67 plate - HX705 / HX701
  139. Fuji Sub-um technology will bring pixel-shift and 400mpx on GFX100
  140. Digital Back Upgrade question
  141. whats with the Dante stuff?
  142. Hasselblad Photography Manual for NASA Astronauts
  143. Hasselblad XCD 35-75 Zoom
  144. LR 9.2 ... IQ4 150 now supported!
  145. Hasselblad XCD 45P and XCD 45 3.5 Lens AF
  146. Firewire cable for Aptus II Back
  147. Iq4 150... Going to be approaching 1.5yrs of this release and still no IPad tethering
  148. Best Camera-Lens Combo for Aerial Photography
  149. Hasselblad H in the Making of the Silver Arrows Movie
  150. ipad tethering IQ3
  151. Arca magnetic Cable releases - magnet removal?
  152. Steven Friedman Phase One Artist Talk and Canadian Rockies Shoot
  153. Mamiya AFD models and DM33 - which is the latest that can be paired together?
  154. Upgrading: torn between a DB / Sony IV / GFX50-100
  155. FUJIFILM GFX 50R question
  156. Question about GFX100 high ISO performance
  157. Sekor Z, RZ67 sync problems with digital back
  158. Another Phase One countdown on their website. What now?
  159. Lumariver DoF deleted settings
  160. Northumberland UK Creative Landscape Workshop with Joe Cornish
  161. Mamiya Sekor 50 Shift on Actus XCD
  162. Phase One IQ4150 Issues, Problems and bugs (Please add yours to the list)
  163. Marketing vs. reality
  164. OEM Version of Black Zipper EVA Cases from Phase One?
  165. can you tether over wifi on the IQ3?
  166. Aptus 65 and Hasselblad V - any body?
  167. Phase One IQ4 150 and DualExposure+
  168. CI Impressions of Phase One Dual Exposure + and New Firmware 7 for IQ4
  169. Raw file download of DualExposure+ feature (IQ4)
  170. Do 35mm and Medium Format have the same amount of "front shift"?
  171. Zeiss Sonnar Lens Recommendation with Phase IQ4
  172. Best MF Body for Manual Focus lenses
  173. Fuji 45-100MM
  174. New Leica S3 camera review
  175. Leica S3
  176. Capture One Screen Rendering of the GFX 100
  177. Fun with the Hasselblad 907x
  178. 🔥🔥🔥Did anybody tested the GFX100 (portrait mode) with Actus XL or Mini?
  179. Achromatic vs Color Digital Backs
  180. Capture One 20: Pause Live View before shooting with Fuji GFX? 🤷🤷🤷
  181. MaxMax is now offering monochrome-converted GFX 50R and 50S
  182. GFX50s/r Monochrome
  183. Phase One XT + Schneider BR Lenses (and other MAM645 lenses)
  184. Next XT Lenses Announced
  185. CFV II 50c and rodenstock 28 with shift anyone ?
  186. Can Hasselblad H5D or H6d work with Phase one Iq180 digital back.
  187. New RS 40mm HR W, any tips?
  188. My Digitizing Tools article
  189. DT Project Lemonade - Webinars
  190. Arca RM3 + Aperture control board + 11-24mm Canon
  191. DT Capture One Master Classes Now Online
  192. What are your plans during this time of chaos and social distancing?
  193. New Sinar54m Help?
  194. Camera bags for MF or camera with grip. What's your favorite?
  195. Question about a used X1D
  196. Contax Distagon 35mm/3.5 aperture
  197. Teamwork in Conversation with Joe Cornish
  198. Kipon adapter for Mamiya AF / Schneider-Kreuznach lenses
  199. Lens recommendations for CFV50c II on Actus G
  200. MF Article on Hunts Mesa-Navajoland
  201. Webinar: Seeing Landscapes, the creative process - Steven Friedman
  202. Non-macro lens for macro
  203. Arca-Swiss Monoball p0 Hybrid Ball Head with RRS Lever Clamp
  204. Cambo WRS-M645 and WRS-CA
  205. Contax 645 lensplate for Cambo Actus?
  206. In love with Phaseone XT
  207. How to update the firmware of Leaf Aptus II 12 digital back with Mamiya 645 mount
  208. Capture One 20, Lens correction is not working for photos without EXIF data❓❓
  209. How to replace IR cut filter of Leaf Aptus digital back?
  210. Canon EF 300mm f/2.8L IS USM II and Fuji GFX50/100 ?
  211. Hasselblad H4D-31 Upgrade. So many options, so old technology.
  212. Fotodiox Pro TLT ROKR Tilt Shift adapter issue
  213. Mamiya Remote Control Set, any experiences?
  214. Capture One, new download process, "at least for me"
  215. Hasselblad XCD 45 F4 Difference between the Original 45/3.5
  216. Update on Chinese Alpa Knockoff
  217. New Article on Envisioning the Image
  218. Update on Project Lemonade Webinar Series
  219. Dusting off the Hard Drives-Landscapes
  220. Hasselblad X1D webinar recap from Camerawest
  221. Will Alpa, Arca or others make Electronicaly Integrated Technical Camera systems?
  222. Where to find modern Large Format Cameras and Lens?
  223. Focussing with XF and live view
  224. Hello in there... hello.
  225. Wednesday Webinar with PhaseOne - Exploring your vision amid digital overload
  226. Arca Swiss QuickLink - How does it work?
  227. Is auto ISO broken in the latest XF/IQ4 firmware?
  228. Scanning MF Film with MF Digital System
  229. Tuesday Hasselblad Webinar
  230. Now rush to buy 8x10
  231. The funny camera Mamiya AFDXXX
  232. who can repair a Hasselblad 110/2 FE lens?
  233. Phase One DF+ selecting spot metering with manual, non electric lenses?
  234. What will happen to the content?
  235. Fuji GFX Zoom Lenses IR Performance
  236. Hasselblad XCD 35-75mm f/3.5-4.5 in-depth review
  237. Phase One DF+ critical focus with MF only lenses?
  238. just a try with a 110/2 FE
  239. help identifying a capacitor on a Rollei Hy6
  240. Looking for advice on portrait project
  241. Questions on Hasselblad Flexbody
  242. IQ140 not charging via USB tethering
  243. Do focus screens for M645, M645 1000S, and M645 J fit Phase One M645DF+ ?
  244. Medium Format Street & Creative Photography
  245. Hasselblad H4D 40 40.0MP vs Pentax 645D
  246. Applying Film Emulations GFX 50R?
  247. Going back to Full Frame DSLR
  248. Conciergerie
  249. Voigtlander Super-Wide Heliar 15mm v. III in-depth review on the Hasselblad X1D
  250. Phase One XT users happy (eg re shift)