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  11. how about some street (night) life with the K-5....
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  13. Pentax 18-135 F3.5 / f5.6 WR lens
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  17. Decision made: Going Pentax.
  18. IN *love* with Pentax DA 21mm Limted pancake....
  19. K-5 - show me reds in daylight...
  20. (K-5) Cyclist
  21. 620 shadow DR vs K-5's
  22. DA 21 + DA 70...
  23. K5 - not so good for me!
  24. Isn’t it time there was a Pentax category all to itself?
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  27. Has Pentax fixed the problems with the K5?
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  29. Pentax Official V1.02 firmware is out!
  30. Imminent K5 purchase, lens suggestions please :-)
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  32. Anybody with experience of both K-5 AND GH2?
  33. (k-5) Walking around yesterday with a friend...
  34. K5 - I love my New Camera...BUT
  35. Pentax K5 AF
  36. (k-5) Ecstasy Liberated
  37. Pentax K5 + DA-15mm f/4 limited
  38. (K-5) DA 70mm =- SF IBR shots....
  39. Pentax K-r with 18-135mm lens?
  40. Fun with the 645D
  41. K-5 firmware 1.03 fixes low-light AF issues!
  42. K5...some info requested please..
  43. Yes, I now have the Pentax K5!
  44. (k-5) Some SF St. Patrick day shots
  45. My first real work with the K5
  46. (k-5) Street Life - evolution of a shot
  47. Set on Pentax K5, but which two lens combo to get?
  48. K5 is here, first impressions, and first few photos!
  49. Along the backyard fence with Pentax lenses
  50. K5 at the REO Speedwagon concert.. 12 photos
  51. Lens Multitasking
  52. Need your help: Using SMC-M lenses on the K5
  53. K-5 ISO 25600 snap test - completely usable- Amazing.
  54. Using K5 Stills in a video
  55. (K-5) Green flames
  56. (K-5) More stuff at the park from today
  57. Recommended short telephoto lenses for Pentax?
  58. K5 versus the M9
  59. (K-5) "Can't sleep"
  60. anyone check their k5 for sensor stains?
  61. Manual focus lenses on the K-5
  62. Gear question alert- What's your favorite Ultra-Wide Lens for the K5
  63. K5 versus the GH2
  64. The Pentax 16-50 DA*
  65. 77 FA limited back focusing question
  66. Pentax Thread
  67. Silver or Black, 16-50 or not!
  68. Why I buy FA..
  69. Pentax - Zeiss 50 Planar - we're all bonkers
  70. Terry, did your Goodies arrive yet?
  71. A few K5 shots from Myrtle Beach
  72. How to use the Pentax 100 macro WR without going crazy
  73. (k-5) oranges snap...
  74. (k-5) weekend photos....
  75. (k-5) Lines in the green
  76. K5 on the Kansas Prairie - I'm in love.
  77. Photozone's Pentax 18-135 review - ouch!
  78. (K-5) Dog, Portrait, CA, Berkley
  79. (k-5) Ghost from hell
  80. New Pentax Forum
  81. Choosing a telephoto lens (zoom or not)
  82. Sunny morning in Devon, UK
  83. Fun with old non-Pentax/Asahi manual glass
  84. Pentax K-5 lens corrections setting
  85. K-5 and the lenses I need/want- finally figured this out...
  86. First Impressions on a Rainy Day... (K5)
  87. (K-5) San Francisco Nun
  88. (K-5) Holy SF Nun (B&W)
  89. Ricoh GX something....
  90. More Pentax lens profiles in LR 3.4
  91. The problem I think I'll have with my K5
  92. K5 in a Strobist Shoot
  93. Night time photo E-1 vs K-5 opinions needed
  94. DA *50-135 Pentax Lens thread here....
  95. Zoom Lenses - platitudes, pontification, pragmatism, perseverance . . . and rape!
  96. (k-5) Silhouette in wind
  97. Bulgarian Pentax 645D review
  98. What tele lens for shooting birds on a budget?
  99. Pentax SMCP-FA 20-35 f4 at bhphoto NY
  100. link to some 645D images
  101. AF troubles with 18-135
  102. Processing: K5&C1 - good match ?
  103. Forced to continue search for wide lens
  104. Fun with the 55-300mm
  105. Fun with DA*16-50 [for as long as it last]
  106. SDM and focus lag
  107. Judging image sharpness
  108. an unnecessary comparison
  109. (k-5) Smoker at the Castro...
  110. K5 battery-grip: anyone using this ?
  111. Think I have a Limited future with Pentax
  112. (K-5) Trouper performers, walk.. Saturday….
  113. (K-5) Playing solo….
  114. K5 and Sigma 10-20 f3.5
  115. K5 and 21mm f3.2 Ltd
  116. Positive review of 18-135 on ephotozine
  117. Low warehouse express lens prices in UK
  118. Continuous focus on the K5
  119. Examining the Pentax 50m-135mm DA * F2.8 lens
  120. Sensor cleaning….
  121. (K-5) DA 70… Memorial day walk around...
  122. K5 FGF
  123. Fun With Macros
  124. Examining K-5 DR thread...
  125. My DA*55 is here!!
  126. (K-5) Asking for Taxi
  127. Pentax on E-P1 -- an article series
  128. K5: future firmware improvement(s)
  129. Miss Olympus color with the K-5? Try DXo Optics Raw Converter 6
  130. K-5, microadjustment, and auto focus accuracy
  131. Building a K5 landscape kit
  132. K5 Tele lens options...
  133. (K-5) Portrait of a friend
  134. Isolating Focus problems with the K5
  135. Pentax m4/3ds maybe
  136. World Pentax Day - June 18
  137. Which Prime Lens?
  138. A question to Jono re: the DA 18-135mm lens
  139. Oh Yeah, I'm a convert !
  140. 31mm at 1.8 and 2.8 dull?
  141. (K-5) Portrait at "Rebel" bar...
  142. (K-5) Finding backgrounds on the streets...
  143. (K-5) Looking at shadows...
  144. K5 firmware update v1.10 now available
  145. Great article on focus using fast glass
  146. Pentax mirrorless small sensor camera
  147. OK so what's the secret
  148. 135mm f2.8 pentax lenses
  149. (K-5) 50-135mm & 21mm Limited, Gay Pride SF 2011
  150. Pentax default color vs simulated Olympus color
  151. What I think the Pentax Q needs "to make it"
  152. DA * 50-135mm Fun
  153. K5 + 21mm versus Fuji X100
  154. Ricoh acquiring Pentax!
  155. (K-5) ISO 25600 portrait….
  156. (K-5) Playing with Pentax JPEG filters
  157. Fireworks Photos - Showem here
  158. Anyone excited about the Q?
  159. Click! K-5 it is.
  160. (K-5) ISO 51200 portrait of a friend...
  161. (K-5) Light bulb
  162. Help - K-5 Autofocus
  163. (K-5) Touch of the moon
  164. K5 and the Ghost In The Window
  165. (K-5) Streets of fire
  166. Strange K5 shutter/mirror issue
  167. Manchester United vs Juventus (Gary Neville's Testimonial), many pics warning!
  168. Quesabesde "first impressions" on Pentax Q
  169. (K-5) More street life filters….
  170. K5 Mirror Flops - Smoking Gun Found
  171. (K-5) More filtered street life...
  172. Pentax Q sample images, firmware V0.3, 8 MP resized down found
  173. Cornish Yaks
  174. cheap and cheerful 16-45 f4
  175. No More Fun with Pentax
  176. Black & White Work with the K5
  177. (k-5) Some sunny landscapes
  178. Any suggestions, remedies would be appreciated
  179. Pentax Q official samples out
  180. (K-5) Cloud island
  181. Real world Pentax Q first customers shots….
  182. K5 Price Drop
  183. New Pentax DSLR coming mid october apparently...
  184. Pentax Q first short review, production samples
  185. Pentax Q downloadable RAWS!
  186. (K-5) Woman drinking coffee
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  190. Need info on 645D for a friend
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  195. (K-5) Baker's beach
  196. Mirrorless Pentax APS-C project blessed by Ricoh
  197. (K-5) pre Folsom street fair, street shooting...
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  199. Ricoh establishes Pentax Ricoh Imaging Company….
  200. Pentax advertising K-5 & rebate...
  201. Metz mecablitz 58 AF-2 TTL work with 645D
  202. Problems with 200 FA* for K5...suggestions?
  203. Has anyone bought the "Q"
  204. Pentax DNG files support in CO
  205. Nex to copy documents?
  206. Pentax 645 D users in South Florida
  207. Pentax Q trial starts
  208. Pentax DSU update 4.34 available
  209. Suggestions for 2-3 lens K-5 kit
  210. Fun with the Q
  211. Pentax 645D now with tethering
  212. K5 Firmware version 1.11 is out
  213. Willie Nelson shot with the K5
  214. (K-5) Small town in California
  215. Pentax expanding Q platform/ Japanese interview
  216. Q Fashion and Beauty shots...
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  218. Article- fashion photoshoot on a budget shot with Q
  219. Mirrorless K-mount
  220. World Pentax Day: February 4th, 2012
  221. Photo leaked of K-01
  222. Dxo Mark , X10 and Q
  223. Pentax Lens Roadmap
  224. Some think the K-01 is too big... hmm is it?
  225. Tethering now for the 645D from Pentax
  226. New Pentax 645D 90mm f/2.8 lens coming
  227. Lens news from Pentax
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  231. Interview w/ Pentax Product Manager
  232. 645D FA 120 Macro problem
  233. How about a 645D in RED
  234. 645d green fidelity
  235. AK-TTL Pentax Radio Wireless TTL flash trigger
  236. PENTAX K-5 Silver Special Edition Package
  237. PENTAX K-5 firmware v1.13
  238. Firmware update 1.13 for K5 and 645D
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  240. Focus peaking demo K-01 by Ned Bunnell
  241. PENTAX K-01: in-depth review(s)
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  247. Tale of 2 Camera Extremes
  248. Pentax K30
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