View Full Version : Some comments from our workshop attendees:

8th March 2010, 12:35
"Jack, I want to thank you and Guy for a great workshop. This was the best workshop that I have attended. The schedule was relaxed and I beleve that everyone had a good time. We all captured some very good images."

"Well our workshop has come to an end and I want to give Jack and Guy a big THANK YOU and a round of applause for making it great."

"What an amazing time. As you can see from the pictures thread we got in lots of shooting. Our hosts timed it perfectly for snow (and cooooold)! What you can't see is the help on composition, technique and editing that all go along with workshop."

"Jack and Guy put out a tremendous amount of energy to make this trip successful and their knowledge and preparation really made this photographic journey truly unique, rich, and educational. All the instructors were generous in giving their time and sharing their creative ideas and technical skills. It was a pleasure to be with them and share in their enthusiasm. Jack - you never told us it would be THIS GOOD!!!!!"

"What a fantastic week! I was into Moab in time to see one of the most amazing landscapes on earth at its most magical. And what better guides and friends to share all this with than Guy and Jack and all the other workshop participants... I learned a lot, and I learned that I don't know a lot... yet. But what wonderful skills to practice until we all can meet up again. Thanks everyone! Big thanks to Jack and Guy for putting it together and for giving it 120% every day. Can't wait until we can do it again!"

20th November 2010, 07:01
Some more comments from our recent Eastern Sierra workshop:

"Thanks a bunch! All worked well with the IR actions for CS5 and your instructions for bringing over the adjusted photos from MacBookPro to MacPro in Capture One. You make things so simple and do-able!"

"I've been to four workshops now and this was the best one ever. They just keep getting better! Thanks again."

"I can't believe how much better my photos look now. Thanks so much for all the help you gave me!"

"There isn't much you teach in the C1 and CS modules that I don't already know how to do, but you do a good job of getting me out and into 'target rich' environments at appropriate times. I like the fact you keep the workshop sizes small and handle all of the details. That makes it easy for me to just show up and shoot and enjoy the company."

"You really have this wired, the timing was perfect! Count me in for next year!"