View Full Version : Capture 4.01 ready for download

Guy Mancuso
6th May 2008, 15:30

6th May 2008, 16:54
Guy - this version has been there for quite some time. This is not 4.1.

Guy Mancuso
6th May 2008, 16:59
Hmmm I have Version 4.1 beta . Maybe I have the Pro version because i can shoot tethered with this. My bad I think

Guy Mancuso
6th May 2008, 17:08
Okay ignore me . My wife does so you should too. I got this all confused, sorry .

Guy Mancuso
7th May 2008, 10:28
Just to clarify I actually have the Pro beta

14th May 2008, 10:12
is the pro beta open to anyone who wish to try it?