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Guy Mancuso
21st October 2011, 09:48
We want to announce our next workshop in Death Valley, California from February 6th 2012 through Feburary 11th 2012. This will be an all-inclusive workshop with all meals, lodging and local transportation provided for the whole venue. You just need to hitch hike, walk , run , bike, fly , train or by boat (better have wheels and oars) to Las Vegas airport on Feb 6th by 11 am where Jack and I will sweep you away from all the slot machines from the Las Vegas airport and take you to your destination resort of the famous Furnace Creek Inn with great lodging and food which will be our home base for the week (http://www.furnacecreekresort.com/). This is a really nice resort folks and many of our meals will be here as well as a couple offsite. (We will of course return you to Las Vegas airport on Saturday morning, leaving Death Valley at 10 AM and getting you to the airport easily before 2 PM.)

We will be traveling in a few vehicles and be out early every morning and shoot late into the evening with a rest break mid-day. Our goal is to wear you out so you buy us many drinks when we get to the bar and plead for mercy. We will work, we will work hard but we will certainly play harder. Our goal as always is to get you in as many target rich environments for great images. We will be having some structured classroom time but that will be limited to mostly shooting techniques, and then we’ll also spend time doing one on one’s with you in the field and for image reviews. The schedule on where we are going for shooting locations is a GetDPI secret, and I will not tell you the hottest shooting spots in Death Valley, but certainly will bring you to them. Jack and I work very hard to get you in a target rich environment each day to get winning images. If it is raining , snowing or just plain ugly out we are still shooting. It’s usually some of the best shooting time. Our track record proves after 15 workshops we get some of the best images from the locations we travel to.

Support, yea you want support and we got it. Our friends at Capture Integration as always are supporting our efforts, and either Doug or Dave will be on hand. Not only will they be there to help, but will also supply anyone without a tech cam one for the whole workshop with lenses to boot. Yes folks if you don’t have a tech cam, you get one in either Arca or Cambo flavor to use. Not to mention almost every back Leaf and Phase make will be on hand to try, with other gear as well. Jack and I will be shooting our tech cams along with you so you all get the great individual attention that Jack and I are known for. Trust me folks no one does workshops like us and they all have been very successful; we are the originators of this type of all-inclusive, target-rich photographic workshop.

This was all written in the sprit of good humor, but seriously this is our 15th workshop and we have lots of experience putting these events on. We always go home with great images, great memories and a whole bunch of new friends. At the end of the day these are fun workshops to meet some great folks with the same mindset, and to get some great images to hang on your walls.

The cost of this fun-filled trip is 4295.00, picked up and returned to Las Vegas Airport by 2 PM on Saturday the 11th.

A few folks are already knocking on our doors to get on board, so I would not take too much time deciding about it as we may fill quickly. This is limited seating and I am not giving up my seat for anyone. LOL

Please PM or email Jack ([email protected]) for payment and reservation details.

Note: When signing up please let us know if you need a tech cam and preferred brand. Also, please mention any other gear you would like to try, as we need to get these on order with the folks at CI. Further workshop details will be provided upon sign up.

Thanks the GetDPI workshop team of Jack and Guy.

Few Death Valley images






Guy Mancuso
25th October 2011, 07:58
Full details have been added to original post. This workshop is officially opened for signup.

27th October 2011, 06:31
Please note the date changes! I have moved the workshop one day earlier than originally announced to give us TWO days to shoot the full Moon as it rises. The 7th is the full Moon, but the day before the Moon is still over 98% full and also great to photograph -- it rises almost an hour earlier, which gets it up higher in the sky and gives us an excellent additional opportunity. To confirm, the new dates are Monday Feb 6th through Saturday the the 11th.

28th October 2011, 16:03
Folks, we're filling this one pretty quickly, at this point in time we have 3 spots available.

28th October 2011, 17:26
Down to 2 spots open.

Guy Mancuso
31st October 2011, 07:13
Make that 1 spot

Guy Mancuso
1st November 2011, 05:45
Small change due to return flights . Have folks back by 12:30 so they can catch flights home from LV.

7th November 2011, 11:53
Folks, we are currently full. We will start a waiting list for those interested in case somebody drops.

Guy Mancuso
28th November 2011, 13:24
Due to a scheduling conflict we just had 1 space open up . Please contact Jack if you are interested in making this exciting workshop.
email Jack ([email protected])

2nd December 2011, 17:46
We are now full again and starting a wait list --- PM me if interested.