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23rd February 2012, 10:31

I will help a friend of mine on a documentary by shooting some interviews for here with my NEX-5N and I have some doubts.

- How many minutes can it record uninterrupted before turning off due to overheating?
- After it turns off due to overheating how long do I have to wait before starting to record again?
- How many batteries should I be looking at for recording a full day?
- Ho many SD cards should I be looking at for recording a full day in full HD 24p (24mbps)?



23rd February 2012, 12:17
My main doubt is how long do I have to wait after I reach the first 20 uninterrupted minutes before I can start recording again. These are emotional interviews, so if I record 20 minutes and then have to wait half an hour before I can record again it may be a problem.

23rd July 2012, 13:58
LOL I started responding to this post and later noticed it is months old. But since I typed a response I might as well post it (let us know how the shooting went!)

Reports of overheating shutdown seem to vary a lot, probably different variables involved (such as ambient temperature). If you are outside in the sun, then a black body won't help either. I have only personally had this happen once while shooting in the sun, I think I was able to use it again after a couple of minutes.

I have heard a couple of suggestions to deal with the overheating. First is to swing the LCD out, which might help with heat dissipation from the body. The second one is that I have heard of people attach passive heat sinks to the back of the NEX body to help draw out heat. I don't remember where I heard this, you might just google around. But if I recall correctly, I read that the heat sink helped a lot. It's not going to be super-efficient, but maybe if you do some long test shooting you can feel where the body is getting hottest.

After the battery overheats, I imagine you could speed up 'recovery 'time by putting the camera under a desk fan. I don't think that would hurt the camera.