View Full Version : Premiere monitor much brighter than output

6th August 2012, 02:32
Ive been doing some tests n Premiere CS5.5 and everything looks perfect on the program screen, but when I export the final file it looks way darker and with much more contrast (I thought it could be the computer monitor but when Ive viewed the file on my hdtv it still looked way darker and with much more contrast. I can darken or brighten my laptop monitor as much as I want but the monitor on Premiere never matches the one on my laptop. BTW, I have other videos on my laptop and they look perfect on it, on other computers and other TVs. I will never be able to CC correctly this way.
How can I fix this??

Here is an example of the issue. On the left you can see the video that I exported and on the right you can the the video on Premiere's video monitor (which is how Id like the video to look when exported).


29th August 2012, 13:21
Hi Rawfa,

I'm no expert here, but have output out of Premiere CS5. Perhaps details of some of the codec and file compression used might help others for input.
Another thing is do you use any monitor calibration?