View Full Version : Magic lantern 2.3 for free - get it !

Stefan Steib
14th August 2012, 13:18
If you want to use your Canon 5D MK2 or other Canon DSLRīs for Movie, get magic Lantern 2.3. Itīs a free download now and I strongly recommend getting it. Itīs like having a new Camera - you will love it ! (Of course donouring some bucks will still be allowed ! :-)

MagicLantern.fm - Release notes (http://www.magiclantern.fm/releasenotes)

I have played with it now for the day and it is amazing. HDR video alone is a killer, the built in timer with focus ramping another. There is so much hard to start with-But I try- here an HDR Video sample:


and here is a short demo of the focus ramping - all done directly from the camera !


this is amazing, I am still digging and permanently finding new stuff. I have transformed my 5DMK2 into a production monster now, it already had some nice features from the removal of the antialiasing and the UV/IR CUT filters, but combined with this this is a dream !

Greetings from Lindenberg