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Guy Mancuso
22nd December 2007, 20:40
Hi Guy,

Happy holidays! The RAW Developer 1.7.2 release is now available. Between this and the prior RAW Developer 1.7.1 update support for some 20+ new camera models has now been added along with various other improvements. This release is a free update for all currently registered users. To update simply download and install the new demo version. Your existing registration information should automatically be recognized. Old versions of RAW Developer can then be removed from your system if desired.

The RAW Developer 1.7.2 release can be downloaded here:

Update notices for the previous RAW Developer 1.7.1 update were not sent out so information on both the 1.7.2 and 1.7.1 updates can be found below.


New Features:
- Support added for Ricoh GR Digital II.
- Support added for Panasonic DMC-L10.
- Support added or significantly improved for all 16, 22, 31 and 39 megapixel Hasselblad models (CF backs, H2D, H3D and H3DII), including both FFF and DNG formats. Support for loading 3FR format has been re-enabled, however 3FR support is currently "experimental" and not intended for production use.
- Support added for Pentax Optio 750Z.
- Support added for medium resolution X3F format files from Sigma SD9, SD10 and SD14 cameras.
- Automatic support for White Balance presets (Daylight, Tungsten, etc) and color temperature controls for DNG format files created from unsupported/unknown cameras or non-camera/generic DNG files.

- Key combination for image bookmarks has been changed to avoid conflict with system global Dock key combination.
- Hot and dead pixel filter noise reduction options are now supported for Sigma X3F format files.
- Pattern noise filter option is now supported for Sigma X3F format files.
- Improved default settings for Sigma SD9, SD10 and SD14 models.
- Improved handling of camera auto and custom white balance settings for Sigma X3F format.
- Improved color rendering of highly saturated colors with the Sigma models, particularly ultra saturated reds and yellows.
- Improved highlight recovery algorithm for Sigma X3F format files.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed potential application crash/hang when rapidly switching from image preview to image preview.
- Fixed support for 14 bit uncompressed format NEF files from the Nikon D300 and D3 models.
- Fixed issue where image would appear under exposed with Fuji S3 Pro and S5 Pro set to high ISO with D-Range option set to auto or wide modes.
- Default ICC input profile for Sigma X3F format files could result in sporadic crashes or error messages on some systems. This ICC profile has been replaced.
- Fixed issue where some TIFF files converted from Sigma X3F format images would cause RAW Developer to crash if they were opened.
- Fixed support for loading MRW files from Minolta DiMAGE 7 and 7i models on Intel based systems.


New Features:
- Support added for Canon G9, 40D and 1Ds Mark III.
- Support added for Canon sRAW format files from the 40D, 1D Mark III and 1Ds Mark III models.
- Support added for Nikon D300 and D3.
- Support added for Sony DSLR-A700.
- Support added for Olympus E-3 and SP-560 UZ.
- Support added for Fuji FinePix IS-1.
- Support added for Panasonic DMC-FZ18.
- Support added for Leaf Aptus 54S and 65S.
- Support added for Phase One P20+, P21+, P25+ and P30+.
- Support added for Pentax K100D Super.

- Improved visual results in many cases for Auto 1 and Auto 2 white balance algorithms.
- Much faster processing speed for Auto 2 white balance algorithm.
- Improved file loading speed for most Canon DSLR models which use CR2 file format.
- New default settings for most Canon DLSR models.
- New default settings for most Nikon DSLR models.
- Entirely new image processing for Sigma SD9, SD10 and SD14 models using the X3F file format. Includes new Sigma sensor specific Early Stage Noise Reduction algorithm and special extended dynamic range monochrome modes.
- Improved handling of camera white balance presets for all Sigma models.
- Better handling of As Shot and in camera preset white balance options for Mamiya ZD.
- New default white balance presets for Mamiya ZD.
- New default settings for Mamiya ZD.
- Added several new Sony lens ID values.
- Support added for Minolta lens identification metadata.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed issue with auto white balance options for some camera models on Intel based systems.
- Fixed issues with Sigma SD9, SD10 and SD14 X3F format files.


Brian Griffith
Iridient Digital, Inc.

Thought folks might be interested in this. Happy Holiday's