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10th November 2008, 09:06
When I switched to Mac a couple of years ago, buying a MBP, I also bought Aperture (ver 1). Although I tried to get into the program, I found myself migrating back to CS3, even after upgrading to Aperture 2. Now, with Adobe holding us ransom for ACR updates, necessitating a move to CS4, I'm starting to look once again at Aperture. With the addition of plugins and other changes, it seems to have what I would need for my processing, but I worry about the RAW capability.

To be specific, what do you who are using Aperture think about the timeliness of updates to add new cameras? I just recently bought the Panasonic LX3 and the G1 and, as mentioned above, I have to move to CS4 to get support in ACR, but what about Aperture? Do you think that Apple will support these cameras, and any guesses as to a timeframe based on other updates? (I just haven't been following this myself.)


10th November 2008, 13:40
CS4 and the latest ACR do not yet support my LX3. I also have Aperture and I have no idea when it will supportthe LX3 so in the meantime I make do with Raw Developer.
I find the Raw capability of Aperture excellent but the time it takes to import folders from my hard disk as referenced masters is way too slow compared to lightroom on my imac.
Once imported the development is very fast and the quality of developed DNG's from my M8 is excellent. Especially skin tones are really good compared to the standard profiles of ACR. So for images where the skin tones are important I still use Aperture.
CS4 and Lightroom 2 do allow the use of camera profiles created with the Adobe DNG Profile Editor but the profiles I have created for skin tones are not as consistent under different lighting conditions as the staight Aperture results.
Sorry for the (too) long post!
regards, Maurice