View Full Version : MFDB with DIY DX crop mode?

16th January 2013, 09:14
If the Nikon D800 can moonlight in crop mode as a 16MP DX DSLR is there any reason why I cannot do the same by mounting a DX (APS-C) or FX (full frame) lens on a MFDB camera system?

Does any adapter exist for mounting any lens designed to be used on a asp-c or full frame camera body on any MF 645 body?

19th January 2013, 03:29
to answer my own question: nope! here (http://photo.net/medium-format-photography-forum/001M0Y) is why not...and here (http://www.graphics.cornell.edu/~westin/misc/mounts-by-register.html) is a useful list of camera mounts sorted by registration distance

19th January 2013, 09:13
You can get a body for your MFDB to take 35mm lenses.

Hartblei Cam Review (http://www.luminous-landscape.com/reviews/cameras/hartblei-cam.shtml)

19th January 2013, 21:23
Thanks Shashin for the good suggestion! Looks like your brain works better than most hounds, who according to my neighbors labrador are far ahead of humans. Can this be done with any other body apart from the Hartblei?

20th January 2013, 16:48
lowep, that I am not sure. You may find the medium-format section of the forum a better place to ask. The president of Hartblei is a GetDPI member.