View Full Version : Entertaining read, film vs. digital

Jorgen Udvang
23rd September 2014, 16:01
The author clearly has some points, although it's pretty one-sided. I have been tempted to shoot 16mm, but I lack a purpose.


24th September 2014, 01:44
Thanks for posting this.

It evoked long ago memories of shooting with my buddy's Beaulieu Super-8 and spending endless hours editing in his basement film pieces hang in all over the place. What a beautiful camera that was.

Even with the utmost care, the whole process was fraught with fragility something we tend to forget when looking through rose colored glasses at the past.

When I started my adman creative career, the entire motion process was still all analog and frankly, it was very difficult to get commercial clients to grasp a rough cut with all the squiggles and hash marks all over the projected film.

More than digital capture, the advent of digital editing had the biggest impact. In fact, even up to my retirement a few years ago, every commercial we shot was done on 35mm film then edited digitally. In a way, it was the best of both worlds.

The author has some good points regarding the art of it all. My early amateur years did make me think and plan a certain way which was very beneficial later on in my professional career.

- Marc