View Full Version : shoot with 0-255 luminance levels, conform to 16-235 broadcast level

18th April 2016, 03:58
Hi everyone at the forum,

I am just starting to shoot (Panasonic DMC-G70) and edit (Premiere Pro CC 2015) 4K MP4 video. As you may know, a lot of cameras let you choose different luminance levels whil shooting (0-255, 16-235, the G70 even has 16-255).

Since I produce for vimeo/youtube foremost, I'm thinking 0-255 at the moment (so that blacks and whites don't appear grey).

My question: Is there a way to conform videos shot and edited this way to "broadcast level" 16-235 later during output? Oram I stuck with the luminance level I chose while shooting forever?

Another question: Is there a way to combine 0-255 and 16-235 footage in one Premiere project, and have them both look right?