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26th March 2009, 13:22
I must have be very lucky but thru about 40K captures..I never had a single memory card problem. Recently I have had several and with both SD and CF cards, maybe its my lexar pro sd/cf card reader.

I have a CF card that I filled with my D3 today and when downloading I got thru 33 images and then it "bombed"....could not be read by my MacBook Pro. I tried Lexar s image rescue which has always worked in the past ..."bombed " again. Tried disk utility and it indicates that the boot record is corrupt? So the Mac will not recognize the card to get the process going.

I though maybe I could reformat the card and use image rescue to recovery most of the files..but I can not read the card. I even have a 2nd Pro card reader ..no luck . I tested the card readers with another card and they work fine.

Any ideas or just point me to a technical forum and I will research there.

27th March 2009, 02:35
I've had great luck with photorescue


You could also try leaving in camera and connecting D3 to computer and recovering that way - use D3 as card reader as it were. If the D3 recognizes the card (at least it did enough to write to it)... Frustrating thing is it takes so little corruption of card's management system to make images inaccessible.

27th March 2009, 03:54

Thanks ..I bought Photo Rescue last night . Unfortunately one of the things I tried was to reformat the card in the D3...which made the card accessable (good) but stopped me fro using the D3 as a smart card reader.

Photo Rescue recovered all 132 captures ..but now I am having trouble saving them to the HD....I can see the thumbnails and the file sizes are full size TIFFS ... I will have to contact Photo Rescue. I must have been lucky as this is the first problem I haven t been able to clear with the standard recovery software.

27th March 2009, 05:08
Glad to hear you're at least part way there.

I've only had it happen once (soccer game) and PR recovered all the images. One reason I stick to lots of smaller cards. Just cringe when I see folks 'loving' using one honking card. People are just too used to these things working 99.99% of the time I guess.

I'd be curious to know how it ultimately comes out.

27th March 2009, 06:44
This took for ever..but I was able to recovery essentially the entire file. Photo Rescue is an amazing product and for $29 a must have. The trick was that you need 2x the size of the card in available space on your harddrive. Once I solved that I recovered the files in 10 minutes. No warning message on the needed space the program just stops saving files. I think we used to call that "user unfriendly". But ..I have the images.

Jan Brittenson
30th March 2009, 13:08
When this happens, the first thing to do IMO is to make a sector-for-sector disk image of the card. Then work on recovery using this disk image, to reduce the chance of damaging the card contents further.

30th March 2009, 16:41
Glad to hear it - for $29 it's a no brainer. Great idea Jan.

4th September 2011, 13:12

Does anyone know if Photorescue will work with Phase One files?

Thanks for your help.


David Schneider
4th September 2011, 13:52
I beleive there's a list of formats some place on the DataRescue site. I seem to remember looking to see if they could recover my Hasselblad files, which it did. If not, send them an email. They are in Belgium and are usually pretty fast in responding.

6th September 2011, 13:09
Hi David

Thanks for your input.

I went online and checked out the datarescue site - really good process - it allowed be to rescue my files - then said if you want them then you buy the licence - so I paid my $30 and bought the licence.

I must add the files were saved as TIFF files not Phase One RAW files - but they were full resolution, so quite useable. However some of the TIFF files wont open (about 20%) - so don't know what the problem is there.

So thanks again and a big thumbs up for data rescue.


David Schneider
6th September 2011, 13:28

Good to know about Phase One raw files. Man, that's a great little program.

Just check to see how the problem happened. More often than not the problem is either user error (pulling out card while still writing for example) or card reader had a problem. Best not to fill the card up to 100% of capacity too.

Yea, TIFF files can be what you get, but it sure beats the alternative. And Photorescue will find you files you took months ago on the card. That's sometimes crazy.

There were posts from other happy PhotoRescue users. I've been using it since it came out, maybe 9 years ago. It's the first program I load onto a new computer. Save my bottom side more times than I can remember (usually because of user error, but also card reader problems).

I love how you can try to recover the files and then purchase if you like the results. Great marketing. How can you not pay them, you're so happy to get your images back!