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Guy Mancuso
9th May 2009, 05:00
Hi everyone it is workshop time again slated for June 17th through the 20th. The stops being the Grand Canyon which I have to go next week anyway and I will scout this out for us, Next stop is Page and the upper Antelope Slot Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Vermillion Cliffs maybe another stop in here as well like Marble Canyon towards Tuba city. Than head South back through Holbrook and Winslow than take the eastern route heading to Phoenix with a stop in Greer Arizona and the White Mountains and also Payson Arizona. Spend a night in Greer which is a awesome place and looks like you are in the mini Swiss Alps with great Trout fishing besides some nice shooting spots. As we get closer to leaving I will pin everything down on timing and such. I will be doing this workshop alone without Jack being present to travel although he will be involved in all the planning and financial setup. Jack is just unable to travel at this time due to family that are restricting him for travel until the fall. Doug Peterson from Capture Integration will be on board to teach some raw processing and have a demo of the Phase P40+ and many other goodies for folks to try out. I really want to make this a shoot mostly workshop with a lot of hands on shooting techniques in the field itself and focusing on composition and content with a heavy dose of creating images with impact. So I would like to keep this to a relatively small group that I can work with and dedicate all my time to you in the field. We will focus on composition and do some raw processing and workups of images, and also I want to do image reviews almost on a daily basis of what you are shooting so we can apply that to the next round of shooting. I am still working all the logistics out on after Page as to where the best spots and weather maybe so I am open to any change in the field for the best locations, there are many places once we are in Page to go like Monument Valley, Canyon De Chelley and such. My one concern is heat and want us to try and avoid very hot temperatures and reason why we are up North. Pricing on this is also on the low end since we are all hit with the economy but 950.00 for the whole workshop. Travel expenses are not included and we will stay in reasonable hotels along the way. Plan is to meet in the Grand Canyon the evening of the 16th for dinner and head out in the morning. . Please let me know if you are interested right away so I can start planning this out. I need to get at least 6 people to attend.

Please e-mail us
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I wanted to get the basics up as soon as possible but please look for updates.

Note there is a Date change in here from a private e-mail that was sent to workshop members first.

Guy Mancuso
9th May 2009, 05:31
I do have 1 person already committed to attend. Get on board soon

Guy Mancuso
12th May 2009, 02:25
I have 2 folks that want to come really need to hear from folks soon on this to make it a go.

Guy Mancuso
21st May 2009, 19:07
At the moment this workshop is still on, but I can use some folks. Will make final decision early next week. Any questions please ask.

Guy Mancuso
22nd May 2009, 08:49
This is starting to look like a go folks, get on board soon. I will have more updates after the weekend but a lot going on here.

Guy Mancuso
26th May 2009, 03:45
This workshop is a go . I have 5 confirmed, one or two more would be great.

Finishing up final plans Grand Canyon, Page, Monument Valley and Canyon De Chelley. If you need more details please contact me. All hotels are setup and ready to go.

Basic plan and still fine tuning some stops is meet in Grand Canyon on the 16th evening for Sunset and diner. On the 17th head out for early Sunrise shoot than head East to Desert View and one or two stops out the East end of the Canyon and head towards Page for late morning Upper Antelope Canyon shoot, than Sunset and Sunrise at various spots like Marble canyon, Vermillion Cliffs and Horseshoe bend and fine tuning that schedule now. On the 18th after Page shooting head directly to Chinle Arizona which is Canyon de Chelley with a couple stops on the way than do Sunset and Sunrise in Chinle with a drive tour on the lower Canyon floor on the 19th morning than proceed from there to Kayenta Monument Valley for Sunset and Sunrise shoots and also during this trip we will be working on raw processing during rest periods and after meals and free time. Doug from Capture Integration will be on site with demo gear and also help with teaching on C1 and raw processing with me and some PS techniques. I will be doing a detailed list with timings and locations but will not be posting that and only for the participants that are attending. Please join me on a great shooting trip.

Guy Mancuso
28th May 2009, 06:42
Some extra data
My plan is to shoot sunrise and be in the Canyon area until around 10 am or so than head up to Page to the Slot canyons which we can do mid afternoon and hang out there in that area until Sunset this is still the 17th. Stay the night in the Page area and hit some of the other spots like Vermillion cliffs, Horseshoe Bend and such. ( I am still working this one out since I have not been in this area myself, so any help here for Page would be helpful, I also think hiring a guide maybe a good idea for Slot canyon, we can all just chip in for this). Than head for Monument valley that day for Sunset and spend the evening in Monument Valley for Sunrise than take some time for some processing that day than head on out to Canyon De Chelley for Sunset and Early Sunrise than do more raw processing. I still have to lay this all out and such but these are some idea's for now. Now a lot depends on weather and conditions and if we have time hit some other spots along the way. Trying to get as much shooting in and some raw processing in as well which we may very well do at night hanging out at the hotels or the hot part of the day. I am also trying to be fluid enough to make a change in plans if we see or want to do something else along the way.

Now i would not worry so much on where we are going in a sense since this is a very target rich area through Northern Arizona it is more about avoiding the heat and catching weather that is good for photography. Some folks asked about there wife's and older children which is fine with me to bring along as long as they know most of our shooting is early early in the morning and at Sunsets, they can most likely sleep in if they want but the Grand Canyon we will be traveling east right after sunset so the first morning I recommend they are on the shooting sites.

Just wanted to make sure everyone got the final data on hotels and are all set. I also think after chatting with Jack and Mike who has been here with me before that when in Chinle for sunset we take the North Rim , than do a sunrise shot at Spider Rock and than head back out right after Sunrise and grab a guide to drive in the lower canyon with our own vehicles. My Lexus SUV will hold 5 total and Mikes pickup truck can take three and both vehicles should be able to handle the terrain. If there is a rental car that is 4 wheel drive than so much the better but not really needed. I think we can make do and don't go to any extra expense on rental cars.

Also when we get to destinations like Monument Valley we can do the same thing and carpool around the 17 mile stretch, This is a all dirt road anyway. Same with Page we can just take the minimum amount of cars and be together.

Also some thoughts on being in Arizona. Being here 30 plus years certain things are fact. One is the rock formations are typical made of soft rock and layered after many years in the elements which lends itself to falling away and breaking up. That is how most of what we see and shoot has evolved . So I recommend good hiking shoes with nice grip on them with good socks. We will not be doing any really serious hiking unless you want to branch off for a bit and do that but just being on rocks and such you want good shoes and socks. Arizona is also a big temperature swing state since clouds are pretty minimum to hold the heat and cold in. You could wake up to 40 degrees and be in the 90's in three hours. It's all about layers but we are traveling in the summer and I recommend highly shorts, cotton shirts , hats and sunglasses. Arizona is deadly on sunburn, in 20 minutes in the hot sun you already are starting to burn. Very important to have sunblock and hats. Some folks also use bandana's and wet them to wrap around there neck to stay cool. I really don't expect us being in the sun very long since most of our shooting is very early and sunsets. But being prepared never hurts and that goes for water. If you think you drank enough water I can assure you you did not. As soon as you feel thirsty it's already to late with dehydration. Highly recommend buying a case of water and having in your car. I will have a couple cases for us just in case also in the car. Keys here are stay hydrated, stay protected and all should be fine except for the critters. LOL
Folks we have snakes and they love tourists ( kidding) but do pay attention to where you are walking. Snakes love to bask in the sun, good thing is they are more afraid of you than we are of them. They will move away and only strike if they are trapped just like hot headed italians. LOL

Pack light and loose cloths and if you folks need to ship tripods and such and don't want to travel with them, than ship them to me and i will drive them up. That goes for any gear. As far as gear you are going to want a range of focal lengths but 28-150 will probably get most of the work load. Remember there is plenty of Mamiya demo gear with Phase backs coming and also a Cambo RS1000 . I personally have a 28D,45D,80D,150D and a 300mm AF lenses. All Mamiya's best glass plus what Doug brings and you are welcome to try anything you want. I normally use a Think Tank Streetwalker Pro backpack which is nice on my back and keep some gear separate in the car. Also we have between all of us a great assortment of systems Nikon D3x, Sony A900's , Canons, Hassy and Phase plus the M8. So a lot of different gear to compare some images against. Also laptops and card readers, chargers and such you will need. I suggest if you do not own C1Pro version than download a copy of it for trail which is good for 30 days. I know there are some folks that never used it and some that are experienced in the program. Doug and I will divide and conquer both types of experience with the program. I like the rookies myself and most likely will work with them to get them up to speed. I also know Lightroom and can answer a lot of questions with that program as well.

Please if you have any questions or concerns let me know. I am still organizing some stops along the route that we take but also if we see something of value we will pull over we are not on any real time schedule and the most important thing for me is being able to work with you folks in the field and teach. I can't read minds and if you need help pull me by the ear and ask me. That is what I am here for and the best thing I do is show you how to get images on sensor, that is my forte. I want everyone to go home with some winning images and know the process on how to get them. Thanks Guy

Guy Mancuso
28th May 2009, 10:22
I have a couple revisions here and will get my list down but this just gives a good idea. Got some good advice from Don Libby on a few spots to hit. Thanks Don

Guy Mancuso
29th May 2009, 11:26
This workshop is nearly full . Thanks everyone

Guy Mancuso
8th June 2009, 05:35
I have 1 space left but time is extremely short, so Monday is cutoff 6/8/09

Guy Mancuso
9th June 2009, 20:57
Well we are a week away from going and once again if your not coming it is a shame. Checking weather we should be hitting T storms in both the Grand Canyon and Canyon De Chelley. Now weather in Arizona is something that truly can be spectacular. Nothing like lightning storms on top of mountain crests. Look for images to start coming in next week. I picked out some really wonderful shooting spots to go to and a few surprises these folks will be getting.