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Guy Mancuso
11th February 2008, 06:46
Join us for Shooting, Processing and Printing in and around Carmel, CA!
Dates are April 9th -12th, 2008
This workshop is supported by Leica

Hello everyone we would like to announce our next workshop in Carmel and the surrounding area. The dates will be April 9th - 13th starting on Wednesday at 2:00 PM until Saturday at 3:00 PM. We will be staying at a hotel in nearby Marina, just 15 minutes North of the prime shooting areas. This venue keeps costs down on hotels for you and gives us a conference room for the classroom sessions. This workshop will be a slightly different format, with more emphasis on CS3 processing and printing. We will still teach shooting techniques and basic raw processing, but the RAW processing and CS3 techniques are geared to print output. Then of course is an entire print instruction module. This workshop is 1395.00 plus a additional material fee, estimated at $100.00, and includes up to 4 16x20 proof prints and two 16x24 final prints for you. Also if time allows, we can do more prints at the actual cost for materials.

Several of you have asked about the schedule and for some more specific details on what we'll be covering. Here is the working syllabus:

Carmel Syllabus:

Required equipment for this workshop: Camera and Lenses, Laptop computer (Mac or PC) and preferably one that has the monitor profiled, LightRoom, ACR or other advanced RAW converter software and Photoshop CS3 software.

Note that we are on Pacific Daylight Time. Sunrise will be about 6:45 AM and Sunset about 7:30PM. Spring tides are moderate, so nothing extreme to worry about.

Wednesday, April 9th
2:30PM: Welcome
3:00PM: Intro to street/travel shooting, capture considerations
4:00PM: Capture and workflow considerations for Print
5:00PM: Break/Optional Street Shoot, Cannery Row
7:00PM: Optional Group Dinner (Probably Bubba Gumps on Cannery row --- Come early and bring your cameras and a fast lens for some evening shooting before, during and after dinner!)

Thursday, April 10th
6:00AM: Coastal shoot at the tide pools in Pacific Grove – IR capture. Take advantage of IR capture by arriving 45 minutes before sunrise. Recommend a B+W 092 or Hoya 72 IR filter for M8 shooters. Tide will going out, nearing low.
6:45AM: Sunrise
8:30AM: Morning shoot at Point Lobos State Park, Weston Beach area. Point Lobos Park does not open until 9:00AM and we want to be “in line” by 8:30AM. Low tide is near its peak (9:10) and will be coming during this shooting session, so we have about an hour and a half of prime shooting.
11:00AM: Breakfast in Carmel (Probably Bear Diner on Hwy 1)
1:30PM: RAW conversion for print output using LightRoom/ACR. Note that this module assumes you are already familiar with and comfortable using LightRoom, ACR or equivalent raw converter.
2:30PM: CS3 advanced -- local image adjustments using selections, masks and adjustment layers. Smart objects if time permits.
4:30PM: Leave for afternoon Street shoot along Monterey Pier.
7:00PM: Optional Group Dinner in Monterey, TBD.

Friday, April 11th
Early AM: Optional Personal Shooting Time
8:00AM: Selection/edit of Images for final print. The goal is to get to one dozen images. From here, the instructors will work with you to obtain your two or three best or “keeper” images. Note that these images can be brought along from another shoot, or ones obtained on this shoot, but we recommend each participant bring at least two images from any earlier shoot they want as print finals as this will insure they have images worthy of “keeper” print status.
9:30AM: Optimize and convert RAW files for print output to CS3.
10:00AM: CS3 editing session for keeper images, instructors available for one-on-one coaching. 2 keeper images ready for print output: Image clean up, sharpening, global fine-tune adjustments, local adjustments, print output curve, output sizing and sharpening. These files will have proof adjustments on proof slices, flattened and saved with name for initial proof prints.
Noon: Break
1:00PM: CS3 proof-view and print dialogs (Epson wide-format printers on this particular trip) along with printing of proofs and discussion.
4:00PM: Choose final settings for prints, deliver flattened copy(s) for final prints.
4:30PM: Optional Afternoon shoot, recommend Carmel Mission grounds.
7:00PM: Optional Group Dinner

Saturday, April 12th
Early AM: Shoot as desired
9:00AM: Printing session and discussion/review of finals. Properly tube prints for transport home.
1:00PM: Close of Workshop


This workshop is limited to 18 participants, and we need 10 to make it a go. At present we have 7, so still looking for a few more.

The workshop fee for this destination is $1395 plus a $150 materials (paper and ink) fee. A deposit of $500 is required to reserve your space. The final balance will be due 30 days prior to workshop. PayPal or Check is fine. Again, payments should be sent to Jack at:


Jack Flesher
445 S San Antonio Rd
Suite #101
Los Altos, CA 94022

Email and PayPal ID (for more information as well as deposits): [email protected] , make sure to mention Carmel in the subject!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Guy or Jack directly. Hope to see you in Carmel!


Jack and Guy

Guy Mancuso
11th February 2008, 10:13
Just a few comments from our just ending Moab workshop that was a huge success.

Well our workshop has come to an end and I want to give Jack and Guy a big THANK YOU and a round of applause for making it great.

What an amazing time. As you can see from the pictures thread we got in lots of shooting. Our hosts timed it perfectly for snow (and cooooold)! What you can't see is the help on composition, technique and editing that all go along with workshop.

What a warm and friendly group of participants. We got in some good laughs even on 3.2 beer!

Finally, thank you Leica (Linda and Jim) for letting us try out lots of Leica goodies to temp us and test our ability to keep credit cards hidden away.


I second that!

Jack and Guy put out a tremendous amount of energy to make this trip successful and their knowledge and preparation really made this photographic journey truly unique, rich, and educational. All the instructors were generous in giving their time and sharing their creative ideas and technical skills. It was a pleasure to be with them and share in their enthusiasm.

A big thanks to Linda and Jim from Leica, two people that are passionate about photography and care about their customers. Bravo to Leica for for Linda and Jim! (They also provided us with a bag of "goodies" which was sweet)

A special thanks to all the participants from whom I also learned so much and especially Terry who was a wonderful travel and shooting companion.

Jack - you never told us it would be THIS GOOD!!!!!

What a fantastic week! Since I was planning to drive up from Phoenix, the idea of a big storm was always on my mind... for the entirely wrong reasons! Yes, I did get stuck an hour south of Moab when they closed the road Sunday afternoon... but I was into Moab in time to see one of the most amazing landscapes on earth at its most magical. By the way, on my drive home Saturday afternoon, the snow from that big storm was still quite evident much of my way through southern Utah and northern Arizona.

And what better guides and friends to share all this with than Guy and Jack and all the other workshop participants... including Linda and Jim from Leica. I learned a lot, and I learned that I don't know a lot... yet. But what wonderful skills to practice until we all can meet up again.

Thanks everyone! Big thanks to Jack and Guy for putting it together and for giving it 120% every day (which wasn't all that easy after "Utah's best green chili" for breakfast at the Moab Diner several mornings!). Thanks to Jim and Mike for their instructional help (and to Mike for the crab legs eating contest Friday night... you won, but I bet I felt better first thing Saturday!). Thanks to Linda and Jim for the many insider insights from Leica and the chance to see and use so much fine equipment. And last but certainly not least, hugs and kisses (or whatever might be appropriate) to Terry, Bob, Charlie, John M. (times 2), and Mike S. for all the fun shooting and learning together every day.

Can't wait until we can do it again!


Mid-70s today in Phoenix... after some of those mornings and late afternoons shooting in the cold, it was nice to be home. Other than that, this week is going to be VERY ANTI-CLIMACTIC!

add my thanks, great time with everyone.

knee jerk reaction in NY woke up at 5am, 9 degrees outside...would love to find that green chili/potato, bacon egg surprise waiting for me.

And one from my workshop partner and dear friend Jack

Wow, what a GREAT workshop! First off, I send huge thank you's back to each participant --- you were all great and made the teaching experience a huge bunch of fun!

Also, special thanks to our assistants who did a super job during their modules, Jim Collum (IR) and Mike Hatam (Lightroom). From the feedback I received, both of you hit huge home-runs!

Finally, another BIG thank you to Linda and Jim (our onsite Leica reps) for providing such super support with industry insights AND loaner equipment --- though I really wish you had NOT brought that pair of Geovid binoculars! (WOW!)

I am downloading my own images now (about 1000 total), seeing them for the first time on my big (properly profiled!) monitor, and I am stunned by how many killer images I got! All in all, a phenomenal trip made a wonderful lifetime memory by everyone there --- thank you all again!


PS: Was 43 degrees and clear when I left my house this morning, t-shirt weather compared to what we dealt with all last week!

Guy and Jack's Upcoming Workshops

17th March 2008, 11:35
Still room left and time to register! Note that Leica will again be supporting this workshop, but any/all camera makes are welcome!

Guy Mancuso
14th April 2008, 04:29
Just a note of thanks to all our attendee's for joining us on this printing workshop which turned out amazingly well. The prints coming off those printers of everyones work was some of the best stuff i have seen in many years coming from our attendees. Not only did there prints look awesome but the returning attendees from other workshops we put on there photography level has increased to great lengths. These folks can shoot and from a personal level I absolutely love doing these workshops with my partner Jack. This truly is for me a life long dream is to teach others. Thanks again everyone we really had a great time.

I am working hard on getting Old San Juan together please send me a PM or E-mail if you are interested. Trying to get a nice hotel secured right now in Old San Juan