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Double Negative
3rd August 2009, 04:15
First time using one - but the first hurried roll from the 503CW 'blad and 2,8/80 Planar is done. Shot on Kodak T-Max 100, souped in Xtol 1:1. Click for larger/info:

http://litpixel.com/ee/images/thumb/img300.jpg (http://litpixel.com/ee/photo.php?photo=2520&exhibition=68&ee_lang=eng&u=4486,1) http://litpixel.com/ee/images/thumb/img297.jpg (http://litpixel.com/ee/photo.php?photo=2523&exhibition=68&ee_lang=eng&u=4486,4) http://litpixel.com/ee/images/thumb/img295.jpg (http://litpixel.com/ee/photo.php?photo=2525&exhibition=68&ee_lang=eng&u=4486,6) http://litpixel.com/ee/images/thumb/img291.jpg (http://litpixel.com/ee/photo.php?photo=2528&exhibition=68&ee_lang=eng&u=4486,9) http://litpixel.com/ee/images/thumb/img299.jpg (http://litpixel.com/ee/photo.php?photo=2521&exhibition=68&ee_lang=eng&u=4486,2) http://litpixel.com/ee/images/thumb/img294.jpg (http://litpixel.com/ee/photo.php?photo=2526&exhibition=68&ee_lang=eng&u=4486,7)

The rest are all in this exhibition (http://litpixel.com/ee/list.php?exhibition=68&ee_lang=eng). 10 out of 12 shots; the two missing were brackets (dupes). What a load of fun it was to shoot, and this eclectic test roll seems to indicate it's in working order. Now on to business! :p

3rd August 2009, 04:39
bought my first 500C back in 1975, loved them ever since

Double Negative
3rd August 2009, 05:59
I can see why, it's a solid camera with my favorite optics - Zeiss! :)

3rd August 2009, 10:01
i love the square format

Double Negative
12th August 2009, 18:13
So I totally spaced mixing up the HC-110 the other day. Was supposed to be dilution H, ended up mixing dilution B... But left the HP5+ in the soup for the full ten minutes. Ooops. I managed to save most of the shots with a bit of fiddling on the scanning and a little more in Photoshop. They do have a bit of a "gritty" feel from the grain and all, which is what I was after anyway - so I lucked out a little. Click for larger/info:

http://litpixel.com/ee/images/thumb/img336.jpg (http://litpixel.com/ee/photo.php?photo=2574&exhibition=49&ee_lang=eng&u=4448,1) http://litpixel.com/ee/images/thumb/img340.jpg (http://litpixel.com/ee/photo.php?photo=2570&exhibition=49&ee_lang=eng&u=4448,5) http://litpixel.com/ee/images/thumb/img338.jpg (http://litpixel.com/ee/photo.php?photo=2572&exhibition=49&ee_lang=eng&u=4448,3) http://litpixel.com/ee/images/thumb/img347.jpg (http://litpixel.com/ee/photo.php?photo=2566&exhibition=49&ee_lang=eng&u=4448,9) http://litpixel.com/ee/images/thumb/img352.jpg (http://litpixel.com/ee/photo.php?photo=2562&exhibition=49&ee_lang=eng&u=4448,13) http://litpixel.com/ee/images/thumb/img351.jpg (http://litpixel.com/ee/photo.php?photo=2563&exhibition=49&ee_lang=eng&u=4448,12)

The whole gallery is here (http://litpixel.com/ee/list.php?exhibition=49&ee_lang=eng).

Stuart Richardson
16th August 2009, 03:34
Beautiful shots. They remind me of home. I grew up in CT in a salt box house from the 1740s. It has a very similar look and feel to it.

Double Negative
16th August 2009, 03:59
Thanks, Stuart!

Wow, nice. The clapboard is is great on these older structures. Very, I don't know - "New Englandy?"