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Thread: Where are old ads?

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    Where are old ads?

    Are the old ads visible anywhere or did they vanish into the ether?

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    Re: Where are old ads?

    The direct 'clickable' link is gone (methinks), but they are still available through Gear FS or WTB - The GetDPI Photography Forums

    Personally, I think it would be quite nice to get rid of them altogether and start afresh with the new B&S - but, that's just me.

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    Where are old ads?

    Sometimes when I'm about to make deals with members I do not know well, I find it immensely useful and informative to read historical material about other sales conversations where they have participated as either sellers or buyers.

    Apart from being locked for new posts I certainly hope that the old Buy & Sell board will not be totally deleted so that the many sales threads ever since the beginning of the GetDPI forum in 2007 are no longer readable.

    That would be an enormous loss, in my opinion.

    So I really hope that the link will find its way back to the front page or elsewhere so that the old sales threads are still searchable and accessible, i.e. at least readable.

    In the meantime, f8orbust, thank you for the link.

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