My studio is located in Israel and we use technical photography equipment that it is not a common system in our country, due to its high price and it requested knowledge of technical camera working methods. So I found it very hard to find used equipment for our system, or even to purchase a new accessories it can takes more than a month.

I was looking for accessories for the system we use in our studio. After I didn't pleased with what I found in B&H and other shops I use, I ask father Google to help me find my needs, then I found Peartree Photo website. At the first moment I was not sure if I want to buy from website/shop that I dont familiar with. But then I saw that they do accept Paypal, it makes me less worried (after all we are talking about equipment that costs thousands of dollars). I sent them mail and we started to communicated via Email for awhile. First, I explain our needs and what we have, and Andy and Lawrie both help me to focus on what they think I need and what is might be not a good choice for our use.

They serve me as like I was they only customer; personal service, very quick response, each mail is very well explained and they do not "save words" or try only make a sale. They really try to tailor it as best as they think to your used based on they experience. They save me a lot of time and money.

I was so pleased with the service I got and the lovely and professional assistance, after the first purchase, I completed additional 2 purchases for additional equipment that I needed. They became my first and highest priority shop (the first one that I contact when I need to purchase equipment) that I use today for my needs.

Highly recommended.