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Thread: 1Ds mkIII viewfinder markings

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    1Ds mkIII viewfinder markings


    I'd forgotten how much I hated this from my old 1Ds days. The viewfinder has no AF markings at all which means unless you have already half pressed the shutter, you have no idea where you are pointing. With the more spaced out focus points it's even worse as you can't just dial in a focus point over an eye as it may not exist for your composition. It's slowing me down a lot and I find it annoying.

    So, I take out the viewfinder screen, take a pencil and draw a dot in the middle and at each of the 4 'edges' of the focus points, now I have something to aim with at least and hey presto I'm able to work with multiple focus points a lot faster.

    Of course the Nikon system (now on the latest canon's I think) of using LED technology to draw the focus points currently available without necessarily blocking off half the view with squares makes a lot more sense.

    I was wondering, does anyone know of a screen which features the focus points etched in or is there a company that makes them or can custom make them? Pencil works ok but is rather messy...
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    Re: 1Ds mkIII viewfinder markings

    Try this may helps you rime is merely on the Focusing Screen. After removal of the focusing screen and blowing both sides, reinstall the screen to check if dust disappears.Once I had faced like wise same problem and tried this and my problem resolved.

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