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Thread: My weekend trip to a forgotten Texas

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    My weekend trip to a forgotten Texas

    A friend and I have spent the last two weekends traveling the back roads of Texas far from Dallas and Fort Worth. We've been looking to photograph the Texas that once was and in some cases still is.

    Saturday I found a bit of that in a little town called Abbot, Texas. Abbot, Texas is where Willie Nelson grew up. He now owns the Abbot Cash Grocery & Market which is still operating today. What a pleasant surprise to be able to step back in time in these small towns across Texas.

    What you see below is pretty much all there is to Abbott. There are a couple of buildings across the street and of course the church that Willie helped save is up the street a ways but other than that.. this is the focal point of Abbott, Texas and in many ways, I feel this is as it should be. A place for city folks like me to stumble upon and have the opportunity for a few hours or minutes to step back in time to a simpler life.

    Shot with the Canon 5D II and the 24-70L

    Here is a link to some interesting info about Willie and his relationship with Abbott, Texas.. some more photos of the area as well.

    And here is one more. I can't even remember which town this one came from but like so many towns that were booming in the late 40s and 50s, this one has gone bust and the decay is evident everywhere.

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    Re: My weekend trip to a forgotten Texas

    Thanks for sharing these Jim....really nice photos and story. Beautiful light. Nothing I like better than traveling the backroads of this country to see the small towns and think about how life was there in the past. I spent many weekends doing that in rural southern Minnesota and Wisconsin.


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    Re: My weekend trip to a forgotten Texas

    Great shots, Jim. America like a European like me likes to remember it.
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