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Thread: More on the maxmax hotrod conversion

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    More on the maxmax hotrod conversion

    Apparently only one of two aa filters is removed. I've written to Maxmax to confirm that this is the case. It may explain why the process hasn't brought more quality to the resulting images.


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    Re: More on the maxmax hotrod conversion

    This is interesting. In past discussions on the low pass filter, only the LI layer is mentioned. This way back to the days of the D1 and first attempts at cleaning. From the cross section on the site you posted, it appears, at least on the Canon, you are actually touching the Hot mirror part of the filter as it would be the only part you are able to touch with a sensor swab. I wonder what the scratch resistance of the Hot mirror material is? Everyone stated that the LI layer was a hardness factor of around 5 or 6 on a scale of 10. Logarithmic.

    I thought that Max Max took the whole thing off all the layers. Reason being I don't think they could manage to break apart the various glued layers without damage to the filter.

    They quoted me around $750 to take the filter off my old 1ds. I have yet to send it to them, but may do this sometime in 08. I also don't think they can work on the newer cameras that have the anti-dust technology built in, like the 1D MKIII since I believe that that would screw up the mechanism. The filter has to be involved in their method. It's very tempting to see what the 1ds would do with no AA filter on it. Note back when they quoted me, they had yet to attempt this on the 1ds I was going to be the 1st. This is one reason I didn't go forward with it.

    One reason I loved the older Kodaks, 760, 560. You had nothing between you and the sensor, the low pass or AA were removable by design. With Canon and Nikon both, they bury the sensor/low pass deep down inside the camera making it really impossible to get at them to totally clean them, especially the corners.

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