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Thread: Help with measurement

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    Help with measurement

    Hello All.
    Anyone shooting 5D could give me the distance from center of sensor to the base plate of the camera?
    Your help would be appreciated. I tried Canon tech support, but the answer was "this is not published info".....
    Thank you, Peter

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    Re: Help with measurement

    One could reasonably assume that the sensor is perfectly centered behind the lens. Take your handy digital caliper and make a couple of measurements. One from the outside of the bottom of the lens mount to the base of your base plate, then a second measurement of the outer diameter of the mount. Add half the diameter of the lens mount to the initial measurement and you've got your answer. Should take you less than a minute, unless you've got the order the caliper. Don't **** around with the cheap **** from Amazon. Get Mitutoyo and you'll have a top quality instrument for life.

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