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Thread: The Doll House Ruins

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    The Doll House Ruins

    I'm leaving for Bluff UT next week and will be spending a couple days crawling around different Anasazi ruins. I've got my itinerary fairly well set however I'd like to squeeze a visit to the Doll House if only I could find the dang thing. And no the internet isn't helping. The only clue I've been able to find is that it "might" be on UT95 north of Natural Bridge.

    I plan on stopping at the Ranger District in Monticello to ask however if there's anyone here that might know it sure would save me the trip. I've got a feeling this is a Class II archaeological site and as such not listed on any maps.

    Can anyone here help me out?

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    Re: The Doll House Ruins

    From Duckduckgo:

    Miscellaneous Sites ~ Updated Aug.3, 2009

    Memorial Day Trip | Utahgraphy

    The Doll House by *eDDie-TK on deviantART

    The Doll House & Tibbett Arch | Day 3 | IntrepidXJ's Adventure Blog

    Moon House Moon House Ruin | My Toyota FJ Cruiser

    My broadband has been slowed, so I canít see all the content on these pages, but you might have luck in contacting the authors for location assistance.

    Itís one part of the US I would love to visit.

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