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Thread: Travel advice - extended hiking in Europe

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    Travel advice - extended hiking in Europe

    This is my first post here so hi everyone!

    This is a bit last minute but I thought I'd ask anyway... In about a week I'm flying to Helsinki, Finland for the start of a four month European trip. A fairly major component of the trip will be hiking and I will be taking a full kit (pack, bag, mat, stove, tent etc...).

    The basic itinerary (I'm terrible at being organised) is as follows:

    - Finland (with possible trips to Norway and Sweden) - May 25 - end of June. I have family in Helsinki so I'll be hanging around for a while.
    - Make my way to the Netherlands where I'm meeting with a friend on the 5th of July
    - Couple of weeks in the Netherlands with trips to Belgium, Germany, Denmark and so on...
    - My Dutch friend and I are then making our way to Astorga to complete the last section of the Camino de Santiago with another friend (who is actually from Santiago) - probably over the last 12 days of July.
    - Make my way to France and complete two of the central sections of the Hautes Pyrenees - probably from Borce to Barèges (172km).
    - Make my way to Milan to meet another friend, and hopefully do a walk in either the Alps or the Dolomites.
    - Back to France (Brittany) to meet another friend on the 3rd of September. Stay up this way for a few weeks and then fly home to employment

    So, my main query is - does anyone have any suggestions for extended hikes in Finland, Spain (particularly the north), France (particularly the Pyrenees and Brittany) and Italy (particularly the Milan region and the Dolomites)? I'm fit, experienced, self-sufficient and I love wild, remote landscapes, so anything goes within reason As I said, my itinery is very loose at the moment and can be adjusted to fit with any cool suggestions...

    Also, does anyone who's done extended backpacking (to hike) have any suggestions on specific gear/issues?

    Cheers, Nick

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    Re: Travel advice - extended hiking in Europe

    Batteries, they die in the cold. I was near the summit of volcano about to take this awesome shot, only to find my camera out of juice. =(

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    Re: Travel advice - extended hiking in Europe

    I wonder how your trip has worked for you. I will be going on a very similar trip in a couple of months and I just hope that I would be able to get on it without any problems. The last backpacking adventure I took was really nice though there were some things that I wish I had known. To point out exactly, it would be great if you could get your hands on some all weather type of batteries.

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    Re: Travel advice - extended hiking in Europe

    dolomites, start at Munich, train to Bolzano bus to drei zinnen (refugio Locatelli), plan your days and go from hut to hut, might consider reservations at the huts, which provide meals and a bed, you only need a sleeping bag and personal gear.

    i did two week a few years ago, had a great time, don't remember the exact route.

    you might find electricty at some of the huts, better check

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