The when is to be finalized

The route has been planned. Chasing the autumn foliage 2015 in the USA.
Home to JFK. I want a break in-between. My wife does not. But she wants to fly with me. Non-stop is a long flight for me. So the flight/s are still being discussed.

A few days in the Catskills, a trip to Boston, back to Princeton and I am on the road.
Minus my wife. She goes onto O'Hare and then to Canada. I am going South.
To savor the autumn foliage. And the Southern hospitality.

From NJ across into PA. Onto VA to hit the Skyline drive. Moving down South across VA along the Blue Ridge Pathway. I know very touristy. But that is where to see the foliage.
Then into South NC. Cross into TN and the Smokey Mountains. I might go further South. Depends on the dates we arrive and the Foliage Network patterns across the South.

Return via I-81N. Meet up with the wife. A few romantic days in NY. Visit that camera place on ninth avenue. See what the Zeiss Milvus is all about.

JFK to home.

This is in the bag..I have to use the tripods sometime!!

The gentleman in the photo is there just to help me with some dof calculations. The owl stays home.

All suggestions are welcome.

p.s. Lens rentals shall have a Nikon lens waiting for me at the Fedex in NJ.