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Thread: On the X100 lens at F2

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    On the X100 lens at F2

    I think the above photo proves distortion free portraiture with nice separation between subject and background is posible with the X100 23mm lens (not headshots, but torso portraits) since backgrounds defocus nicely without having to be 20 mts away.

    I think FujiFilm made the right decision not providing corner-to-corner sharpness at F2 at the expense of ultimate sharpness around F5.6. Aperture selection is not only light level, but also subject matter, and subject placement, dependent.

    The girl, placed somewhat off center, looks nice and sharp enough in the face at F2, yet the photo graciously drifts out of focus (and sharpness) towards corners.

    The X100 23mm lens design seems to give priority to optimal F stop sharpness, chromatic aberration and geometric correction over bokeh. So for people that get a kick out of defocused point light sources behind the subject this aint the right camera (nor focal, probably not even sensor size).

    For more of LensTip's X100 Firmware 1.0 full size, out of camera JPGs, check:
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    Re: On the X100 lens at F2

    But the bricks in the upper left hand corner aren't sharp--it can't be a good lens!

    Very excited--I'm on preorder, and I hate to pay retail on anything!

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    Re: Bricks

    Quote Originally Posted by bowlachili View Post
    But the bricks in the upper left hand corner aren't sharp--it can't be a good lens!
    I actually thought it quite a clever move to include the image in such a large size. I just started seeing a soft wall and thought, well OK the guy said it was at f/2; then I moved the cursor to the right and realized what a good result the lens had produced with the portrait. A pleasant surprise indeed.

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    Re: On the X100 lens at F2

    About the best X100 portrait samples I have seen so far, intelligently commented and showcasing the effect and rendering of the F2 lens relative to the one in the X1:

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