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Thread: X20 and X100s... nice :)

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    Re: X20 and X100s... nice :)

    Quote Originally Posted by ptomsu View Post
    While I believe what you say - I will just not change my workflow because of Fuji not supporting their RAW files with any SW (like Aperture). I have invested huge amount of time to get all my images into AP and will not undergo this burden again - for no camera!

    But maybe we will finally see support for the X100s and X20 in AP

    I don't think the lack of support for Aperture is a Fuji problem. It is up to Apple, with help from Fuji, to develop the proper raw conversion. One of the reasons I never got on with Aperture is they have always been very slow adapting to new cameras. But I get it when Jono says the task of moving 75,000 key worded images from Aperture to another converter is just not worth it. Too much work!


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    Re: X20 and X100s... nice :)

    Well, Fuji is making the claim their X20 can outclass the Sony 1'', Nikon 1 and a 12 MP 4/3rds (I am guessing, of the EP-1 class generation). That's a bold claim.

    I'll believe it when I see it, as good as I think Fuji can be designing custom sensors.

    Fuji says X20 sensor quality beats the RX100 and 12 Megapixel MFT sensor. | Fuji Rumors

    - Raist

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