I just picked up a 2 months old Fuji X 60mm/2.4 macro lens, makes me worried.

On my X-E1, this lens makes rather loud (maybe it's me?) CLUNKING noise when the AF is engaging. It also makes squeaking noise while AF is slowly working. This squeaking noise is like in Nikon's infamous(17-35mm/2.8) SWM squeaking noise, enough to be worried. I have other Fuji X lenses but none exhibits this kind of noise.

Does anyone have this same clunking and squeaking noise on Fuji 60mm/2.4 lens? I've only found chattering noise on X-Pro1. Both X-E1 and the 60mm/2.4 has the latest version firmware installed. Is this noise bad enough to send back to Fuji for repair?

Thanks for your input.