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Thread: X-E1 replacement,will be called X-E1S RUMOUR

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    X-E1 replacement,will be called X-E1S RUMOUR

    X-E1 replacement. Rumoured to be called X-E1S and feature the X-Trans sensor II of the X100S!
    Rumors | Fuji Rumors
    That means phase detection on the chip and faster processor, I saw somewhere it was said the X100S has less dynamic range than current X-E1. So maybe a trade off for A speed has been used.
    IT'S ALL RUMOURS so don't shoot the messenger

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    Re: X-E1 replacement,will be called X-E1S RUMOUR

    David, just using deductive reasoning alone would say that Fuji would be very foolish not to be planning the latest X-Trans sensor technology in the X-E1 replacement. Lord knows, they are sure taking a lot of heat for the awful autofocus the present top of their lineup X-E1 & XPro-1 cameras have.

    I'll jump out on a limb here and also bet you that the X-E1 replacement may also be the only replacement for the XPro-1, that model designation being retired by Fuji for now. Personally, I think that would be a mistake on Fuji's part, but it is funny how most large companies are run by the numbers, not by real market desires from hands on research.

    Fuji, if your listening, I'm down on the record now in saying pull out all the stops on the XPro-2. Make it kick butt in every way you can to price it at $2,995 MSRP. Offer it in two mounts, Fuji X and Leica M. Purchase an armored car company to haul all of your cash to the bank, and last but not least on my list send me a free camera for suggesting the idea!
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