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Thread: Photo Ninja Supporting X-Trans

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    Photo Ninja Supporting X-Trans

    I haven't seen it mentioned here so I thought I would share this link

    Latest pre-release version of Photo Ninja

    Photo Ninja is a raw converter and now has preliminary support for X trans.

    For anyone 'plagued' by the X trans foliage (and other fine detail) rendering issue I would give it a try. I find that many of my landscapes look better than in LR with just the PN defaults. Then there is a detail slider in the 'Exposure and detail' section and I find that moving it to about +7 does amazing things on some of my X trans pictures.


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    Re: Photo Ninja Supporting X-Trans

    I'll confirm what your saying also Lee. I've been evaluating Photo Ninja also, and am finding it very nice for the X-Trans sensor based files. Well worth a look, for sure!

    Side Note: Photo Ninja is also looking real good on Canon files, for those of you who also have one of those as I do.

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