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Thread: OVF or EVF for the XF 14mm

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    OVF or EVF for the XF 14mm

    Hi all

    I was just wondering whether those that have the 14mm lens use the OVF or EVF or a mixture? My understanding is that the 14mm just about fills the entire OVF frame. If so, how do you cope with parallax shift and the corrected AF frame or is the view so wide it doesn't matter much?

    Or perhaps you favour the EVF?


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    Re: OVF or EVF for the XF 14mm

    EVF works great for the times you need to see past the lens which blocks a portion of the OVF .....

    OVF when shooting fast and carefree ..... but then it is just a matter of switching the switch on the front of the camera to change between the two

    There is a setting in Menu 3 , AF " CORRECTED AF FRAME " set to on to help with parallax correction ....See p. 70 in the user manual.

    I have tried using the 21 mm External VF but in the end I feel its not really needed and still the lens blocks the lower portion of the finder so your view is restricted a bit .... but then I really don't use it on my M4 when using the 21 SA ,the viewfinder is good enough for me when using this camera ....... The Xpro 1 has plenty of options ...
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