Hey all,

I am trying to find a more elegant solution to triggering my studio strobes with the Fuji ( currently an x-e2, T1 on the way. ).

I use Hensel strobes in studio with Hensel wireless trigger. It has a mini jack input to trigger.

Worked great with any other camera I have, Canon, Mamiya, Leaf and Phase; they all had an available trigger.
Be it a pc sync port, hot shoe adapter, even wireless built in.

I can't seem to find even a cheap chinese hot shoe to pc adapter that works on the x series cams.

Right now I am using my strobes in slave mode and activating them with the little pop up flash on the x2.

Please someone tell me we have a better solution than this?!

Was looking at buying those new Profoto B1 portables, they haven't released a Nikon control let alone a Fuji one.

OK, rant over. Anyone? What are you using?
Please help a lost soul.