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Thread: X-Pro2 and XT-2 looking like early and mid 2016

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    X-Pro2 and XT-2 looking like early and mid 2016

    From reading on Fujirumors, (a rumor site that has always been 90 to 95% dead on) and FujiX Forums, it seems like 2016 will be a big year for X-Trans.

    The X-Pro2 in early 2016, seemingly right after the CES show in February. The first debut of the 24MP X-trans, seems very probable. The rest of the X-Pro 2 seems much like it's current version. No tilting LCD, a bit of a surprise to me.

    XT-2 coming in mid 2016, with pretty much the same body as the XT-1. Should have the same 24MP sensor as the X-Pro2.

    What do others think about this. With the excellent lens lineup that Fuji has built up, I am personally am looking forward to the XT-2 as I love the XT-1. This makes the 10-24 and 16-55 even more of a long term investment. It will be interesting to see what the DR of the newer sensor is like. And hopefully Adobe will have been allowed to work on the raw's for a bit and they can get a better overall conversion for the new files, and apply it backwards to the current X-trans raws.

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    Re: X-Pro2 and XT-2 looking like early and mid 2016

    Obviously more resolution is needed for some things, like printing large(r), crop margin, and so forth, although for what I do current mpx are enough. Would hope to see improvements in AF (lowlight, high contrast conditions), XT-1 button tactility, and as Paul mentioned RAW convertibility (which should trickle back to the 16 mpx sensors, hopefully). I like Fuji's deliberate upgrade timing. I won't swap my current bodies because I spent a lot this year on XF gear, just need to shoot more and stay away from the B&S board.

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    Re: X-Pro2 and XT-2 looking like early and mid 2016

    16 mp is enough for my photography. While I'd prefer a rangefinder body approach, its going to take a noticeable improvement over my XT1 to get me interested. I'd rather spend on lenses. Between AF and post processing XTrans, I put off a serious commitment on Fuji lenses when I had an XE1. With my current XT1, I'm starting to get committed.
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