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Thread: Manual Focusing

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    Manual Focusing

    I’m curious to know if Fujifilm X series lenses turn the “wrong way” like Nikon lenses when manual focusing them or if they turn the “right way” like say Leica, Canon, and literally everyone else. I know some of the lenses (like the 16/1.4 and the 23/1.4) have manual focusing clutches as well that allow hard stops, do these allow you to reverse direction as well (if the focus ring turns the wrong way) or not?
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    Re: Manual Focusing

    The camera body tells the lens to focus, it's a bit fly by wire. I believe the default is the way you want, but you can change the direction via the menu settings.

    With focus peaking, and setting a button to magnify the view, manual focus with legacy lenses is very easy too. For the legacy and XF lenses, you want to ensure the body is switched to manual mode.

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