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Thread: Very cold weather shooting Steam Engines with 50R

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    Very cold weather shooting Steam Engines with 50R

    I was surprised at the battery life while shooting in under freezing conditions, sometimes 10-20 degrees below freezing. I was getting between 400-450 shots per battery charge. In some cases I was going through a 64GB card with RAW images before the battery needed changing. I made no effort to keep the camera warm, only my replacement batteries were in a pocket of a down jacket which was one or two layers below my outer layer depending on actual temperatures.

    While the elevation was between 6800-7200 feet, it was the winter storms that brought in the very cold air.

    I used the 32-64mm and 100-200mm lenses handheld most of the time with AF activated (and also OIS on the 100-200) plus constant on activated. Due to heavy snows we had to move indorrs during one evening shoot and there I mainly used the 23mm with AF. In total I took about 3000 exposures with at least 2700 exposures outdoors. Both lenses focused very fast and made the shoot enjoyable from that standpoint. I must mention that I was often shooting many exposures in a short period of say 10-20 seconds even though I shot in Single mode. Sometimes I shot 12-15 images in very rapid succession and never once did I hit the buffer.

    The lack of a thicker grip really did not bother me, even though I imagined it might before leaving for this trip. The majority other photographers around me either had Canon or Nikon camera systems and all but two never noticed I had a MF camera including a few pros. File sizes maxed out at just under 120MB under snow conditions. The 100-200 lens performed flawlessly and with its internal focusing it did not seem like a big lens without the hood. Once the hood is attached it just looks long like any other telephoto lens looks like with a long lens hood attached.

    If you are interested in seeing images, they have been posted under the thread "Love my 50R". All conversions to B&W were done in C1.
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