We never offer an image without first printing it on the media. Test printing serves a dual purpose; we make certain the media is appropriate and more importantly we need to like it. We ask ourselves is this an image we'd pay money for and want to display. If the answer is yes then we offer it. The past couple years we've offered the majority of our images on canvas however we're about to break with that tradition.

We've completed testing a couple images from our Wyoming trip and want to share the results.

"Fairy Wings". Is offered in 2-sizes, 11x14 or 16x20 and will be printed on Breathing Color Vibrance Metallic paper. The cost of the image along is $65.00 for 11x14 and $75.00 for the 16x20. This will be tube rolled and shipped for an additional cost of $10.00. Overseas shipping is available at an additional cost, please check with us for pricing.

Payment can be made by either check, credit card or PayPal.